Monday, 29 February 2016

Four Months Already!

Zone Training with the sisters
courtesy of Siostra Raquel DeMordaunt

courtesy of Siostra Raquel DeMordaunt

courtesy of Siostra Raquel DeMordaunt

courtesy of Siostra Raquel DeMordaunt

 Favourite day of the week - Probably yesterday at church. We had 13 people there which is a decent turnout for Poznań. We also had one of our investigators there, which is another miracle. Another good thing about church was that the service was conducted by Elder Jeffs' councillor, the lessons were taught by members and the missionaries could just sit back and relax. The branch has had some huge progress in the past year, from having few active members, to now where we have a solid group of active members all with callings. Sunday was a good day.

Favourite food of the week - We haven't been very adventurous with our meal selection this week, but we did have the opportunity of being invited round to a home. We are teaching a couple who have been coming to English class and then staying for our religious discussions afterwards. They were more than happy to have us round for dinner/lunch and for us to teach them a short message. We had a 3 course meal, soup for starters, Chicken with Pyzy and mushroom sauce for main and then an amazing apple pie for dessert. SMACZNEGO

Favourite journey - We took a little trip down to our new tracting area, not too far away, maybe like a 25 min tram ride. The public transport here is top notch. We spent the night there tracting for 3 hours and came home. 

Favourite word of the week - I don't have a word for you, but Elder Jeffs has started teaching me during language study which he is more than happy to do. We went through sentence structures and what he thinks are the main points to look for. Było bardzo pomocny. 

favourite scripture - Maybe D&C 50:20-21, off the top of my head I think it's that. It's just about how important it is for both the teacher and the learner to be spiritually prepared, and how in teaching both the teacher and learner are edified. I shared it during a lesson we were teaching to a member. 

Funniest moment - So nothing can quite top last week’s church event, but this week we taught the beginner class for English. We were practising phone calls and the vocab you use whilst having a conversation. We wrote down on the board the scenario and then a description of 'person A' and 'B' and what they had to talk about, but they were just reading it directly from the board and it was hilarious listening to them. 

it's not hard to find graffiti here

study time 

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