Tuesday, 17 October 2017

He Was Reading My Blog!

We were getting the bus home one night, we got off one bus and onto the other just for one stop and I was stood up.  I looked down at this guys phone and HE WAS READING MY BLOG!  So random, what are the chances of that happening?!  I thought about tapping him on the shoulder and seeing his reaction - we had to get off though.  So if you're reading this now and that was you - Hello there!

It's been a decent week and I really enjoyed the broadcast with Elder Ballard.

Note from mum:-

Although Elder Ashworth has been serving in just one country - Poland - it is amazing to see how many people we have reached through his blog.  To date it has been viewed in 70 countries and has had 74,207 views.  Here is a list of the countries where his blog has been viewed - maybe you are in one of those countries and hopefully have enjoyed reading his insights into his mission and the beautiful land of Poland.  

Zambia, Cote D’Ivoire, United Kingdom, USA, France, Poland, Germany, Russia, Phillipines,
Spain, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Peru, Sweden, Ireland, Chile, Mexico, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates. Syria, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Israel, Netherlands, Argentina, Guatemala, Namibia,
India, Nicaragua, China, South Korea, Norway, Ecuador, Iraq, Switzerland, Armenia, Kuwait,
Bahrain, Pakistan, Bolivia, Turkey, Bhutan, Egypt, Benin, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Belarus,
Finland, Denmark, Italy, Panama, Japan, Honduras, Bulgaria, Australia, Isle of Man, Serbia, Lithuania, American Samoa, Slovakia, Nepal, Taiwan, Indonesia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Oman,
Marshall Islands, Vietnam, Jamaica,


  1. You are doing such a good job Elder Ashworth...... just loved reading all your posts over the past couple of years..... keep working hard.... well done. L.

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