Monday, 6 June 2016

So from now on you can call me President 😉

Let's start with the week..things that happened...

On Tuesday morning, I finished preparations for the district meeting I thought I would be leading, to find out on my way to the chapel that we weren't having it due to the zone conference on Friday...good start to the day. We suddenly had to fill 2 hours with something..we decided we weren't going to 'fill the time' but go out with a goal and expectations and try to achieve them. It made that 2 hours a lot more productive and worthwhile. We had a meeting with a guy who set up with us the day previous but he never showed for his meeting which is always a shame. In the evening we had FHE in which we shared a small spiritual thought about the first vision and the important things we learn from this event. We had a good game of Apples to Apples to end the night before heading back home. 

Wednesday was a really good day this week because we finally got our money so we could go food shopping. We didn't budget our money well last month so ran out a week early...not the most enjoyable thing haha.. don't worry we survived a few days but I guess you learn the hard way. We taught a really good English class, probably one of my favourites.  I laughed a lot and we corrected them on their English and went through sentences and things, I just love that group of people in the beginner class. 

On Thursday we had a lesson with a new person we contacted through the referral system.  It was a good first meeting in which she showed a lot of interest in the księga mormona and had already read a lot about the church.  We didn't have lunch at Bozena's as we had the elders from Szczecin down on an exchange so they went with the other elders.  Thursday night is something I will always remember as I was given the opportunity to confirm someone a member of the church and give to them the gift of the holy ghost, not something I thought I'd be doing this early in my mission. We had the AP's stay at our flat the night before the Zone conference the next day. 

Friday morning we got up early and the 4 of us went and played footy for a bit at this little 5 a side pitch by our apartment, a good way to start the day. The zone conference was a good learn a lot from the leaders in the mission and from President Edgren. We had a good testimony meeting too which was a highlight for me.  Takes me back to the kind of spirit I would feel on our youth conventions. 

On Saturday we went bowling with Markus and his girlfriend.  I  won with 139 points, there was no way I wasn't going to win.  The weather is incredibly nice, it's been hot all week and I have huge tan lines.  The one on my wrist from my watch is funny.  

We had 14 people at church on Sunday which was good to see.  We had a special broadcast so there was no sacrament meeting.  

In other news President on Friday told me that he would like me to be the next branch president of Poznań as Elder Jeffs will be leaving at the end of this transfer, so this Sunday just gone Elder Jeffs was released and I  was appointed and sustained as branch it an early transfer call. So from now on you can call me President 😉 

Until next widzenia.

The Boss Man chair..what am I scheming?



  1. good job Mr. President. Keep it up

  2. Keep the good work up President ! :)

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