Tuesday, 28 June 2016

My week.......

My week...

It's been a decent week here with all sorts of little miracles and laughs. Elder Alvarez always sees the positives to a situation which helps when things don't go well or as to plan.  I can't really remember the small details of the week but we had a good few moments.

On Monday night we decided to go contacting on the deptak in the centre of town. We had a decent hour there and met some cool people. We met one guy named Amadeus..'like Mozart'he kept telling us. He stopped and spoke with us for a while and was just amazed of the work we do and the fact that we can speak Polish. We spent a lot of the day moving our belongings to the other apartment across town, it was so much effort but we battled through and got it done.

Tuesday we did food shopping. I love getting new food in the house. I managed to pick up some tuna fish that was on offer. 

For the next few days we had little tasks we had to do that took up parts of the day, nothing really exciting. We went to find a referral that we had been assigned. We contacted him several times but he never picked up. The goal was to knock on his door, but we didn't really plan and got lost trying to find it..those things happen though. 

We went on a few tracting adventures through the week. One of the times we decided to go when Poland were against Switzerland. It turns out that that isn't a good time to knock on the door of a Pole.  The amount of times we got told to bog off was countless haha. We could hear how the game was going, I just guessed they were in a shoot out as there was such a tension in the air that any football fan can sense. When they won the game the whole neighbourhood we were in went crazy. It was so cool. 

That night we went contacting in town and there were so many people out, crazy football fans and all that. We're definitely coming to Poznan in the summer when the world cup is on! 

Sunday night after a bomb day at church..it was bomb as everything went well, talks, lessons, those that were there are doing well and it was just a good day. We fasted that day as a companionship to see a miracle or something good to happen and we didn't get let down. As we were out in a nice Osiedle we knocked on the door of a group of college aged Indian lads that welcomed us in and we had a really good chat with them about loads of things. They were of the Hindu faith, but were happy to listen to our message. We agreed to help them learn Polish, they were so grateful that we knocked on their door, they were homies.

I've been studying and reading through the book of Mosiah these past few days, there's a lot of good things we can learn from King Benjamin and Alma. 

Also I came across this  that said something like..Every attempt to reflect upon the atonement will kindle the fires of faith, it is an inescapable consequence of so doing,

Monday, 20 June 2016

Farewell to Elder Campora and Elder Jeffs

As you already know I'll be staying in Poznań and my companion is still Elder Alvarez, we're staying together for another transfer.   We helped Elder Jeffs and Campora this morning and sent them on their way.  It was a good send off, obviously it was hard saying goodbye for a while as I'm good mates with them both.  It's a weird feeling sending them home almost. They will be missed!

I didn't feel well yesterday, so I slept for a few hours through the day after church, probably why I didn't sleep at night.  I got a mosquito bite above my eyebrow and I've had a huge headache since then.  I've taken some tablets though - the bugs seem to like me!

I'm still enjoying life.  I'm learning everyday from the experiences I have and I couldn't be more grateful for that.   Bring on this next transfer - I hit 8 months in 7 days.  Mental!
I want to focus on less active work as we have some good people that could help the branch out a lot.  I know I can do it, not on my own though.  My favourite scripture is in Chapter 26 of Alma verse 12, Ammon is a boss!

Some favourites of the week:-

Favourite meal of the week - Has to be one of the home cooked meals we had.  Elder Alvarez works wonders in the kitchen.   I guess everything with flavour to me tastes good as I stick to my rice and pasta and oatmeal haha. He cooked some beef up and put veg in there with all sorts of spices and sauces, it was good.

Favourite activity of the week - Has to be the grill we had on Saturday, it had been a long day with the audit and English class. It was nice to have a bit of fun with friends and members at the end of the night. We had a huge turnout.

We threw a Branch BBQ/going away party for Jeffs and Campora. So many people came, English students, branch members and friends.

Best teaching moment of the week - I've had a few cool meetings with members this week. Kind of going through them and speaking to them individually so I can get to know them better. 

Funniest thing that happened to me - Funny things happen all the time, nothing sticks out to me though. 

During studies a huge storm hit so of course I went out on the balcony.. ☔
What I will miss about Elder Jeffs and Campora - I'll just miss them both in general, like even now it feels weird not having them around. I'll miss Elder Jeffs' knowledge of Poznań, if you saw Elder Jeffs doing something here in Poznań usually it meant that you could do it haha. Just being able to bro down with Elder Campora will be something I'll miss. Also training them both how to kick a proper football, they were getting good. 

Best word I have learnt - The verb lepszyć sie means to improve yourself, to make yourself better.

Culture Day Hike

So long, farewell for now!

Monday, 13 June 2016

The Book of Mormon - a book with a promise, a book with a purpose.

Hello everyone and welcome to week 30 something.  I've not been counting so I'm not sure where I'm at.

We've had a pretty good week, some nice weather, exchanges and all sorts.

So after Pday on Monday we started our exchange here in Poznań, although Elder Campora got things mixed up. We sorted it though and got on with it. So me and Elder Campora spent a few days together and Elder Jeffs and Alvarez spent a few days together. Monday night we didn't get up to much, just a bit of contacting on the Deptak and then a walk on the Rynek before heading home. Something I've started to do is always walk around the rynek before heading home, we live so close and it's cool to see what things are going on as its always something different. Then Tuesday came, we had our standard District Meeting in the morning before lunch, focusing on the book of Mormon and using it with our teaching and contacting. I read a talk by Elder Craig C. Christensen called 'A book with a promise'. He talks about an experience he had with sharing the book of Mormon with someone. He touched on a few points:

1) It is a book with a promise
2) It is a book with a purpose
3) It is a book that helps us better understand the great plan of happiness
4) It is a book that testifies of Jesus Christ as our Saviour and Redeemer
5) A book that authenticates the prophetic mission of Joseph Smith

I particularly like the point he makes about The Book of Mormon being a book with a purpose. The Book of Mormon is there to help us better understand the principles of the gospel, which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That is the same purpose we have as missionaries..to help other come unto Christ, we are here to help others understand and accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

After the District Meeting, we went to Kraszkebab as usual which is always a good experience. We had a short finding activity on Fredry before heading back to the chapel with Elder Campora for a lesson we had scheduled. It was a simple lesson in which we just listened and spoke about what she's read in 3 Nephi. It was good having an experienced Elder Campora on the lesson, we got to the bottom of this individual's fears and helped with them.

After lunch on Wednesday, we ended the exchange and I was reunited with Elder Alvarez. We decided to go on a tracting adventure down at Junikowo, another end of the line tram stop south-west of Poznań. We've been there and back a few times this week, it's a nice part of town with some good solid osiedle there. We had a fun English class with the beginners in which we just spoke with them again about their weeks and had a laugh. I keep forgetting to take a picture of me with the class but I'll get it next time!

So Friday I was feeling a little different, I wanted a change. I did my hair differently and went back to my just off centre parting which some of you may know well. Also,  I realised whilst looking in the mirror how bad my tan lines are, especially on my neck from my shirt collar. It looks silly when I wear a t-shirt now haha. We played sports which was good. Just another hour of kicking a football about which I enjoy so much. We had a few people show up too which makes it more worthwhile. 

Saturday we had English class and then had Pizza from Ramini's, some of the best pizza I've ever had. England also played Saturday night.  It's been so hard not to watch it.  When you're walking around town and every bar and restaurant has the game on, driving me crazy! 

Sunday was a fun day.  The first Sunday I would preside at and lead. It went well,  I only forgot to have an opening prayer (it happened, just later than it should have and I had to be reminded haha) and put bread out for the sacrament but it's all good. Elder Alvarez, Jeffs, and I spoke during the meeting. We spoke about the Godhead and each chose a member of the Godhead to speak about. I chose to speak about the Holy Ghost. We had a lesson after church which was cool, just with a young guy with strong opinions and his own outlook on life.

Sunday evening, Marta organised for us to have a BBQ with a few people. So the 4 of us missionaries with Marta, Maciej, one of Marta's friends and a few more went down to the river for this grill. We get there and it turns out that the river is a place for college gatherings. There were so many groups of hoolies and college students just out for the night. One guy got arrested and we spoke with them all, they came over and were confused why we were wearing white shirts and name tags. It was an experience. Poland were playing their first game too, so everywhere was a bit wild. 

That's all from the week. I'm sure more went on though. 

the rynek is packed at the moment

the wind blew over the drying rack and I lost some of my socks!

Monday, 6 June 2016

So from now on you can call me President 😉

Let's start with the week..things that happened...

On Tuesday morning, I finished preparations for the district meeting I thought I would be leading, to find out on my way to the chapel that we weren't having it due to the zone conference on Friday...good start to the day. We suddenly had to fill 2 hours with something..we decided we weren't going to 'fill the time' but go out with a goal and expectations and try to achieve them. It made that 2 hours a lot more productive and worthwhile. We had a meeting with a guy who set up with us the day previous but he never showed for his meeting which is always a shame. In the evening we had FHE in which we shared a small spiritual thought about the first vision and the important things we learn from this event. We had a good game of Apples to Apples to end the night before heading back home. 

Wednesday was a really good day this week because we finally got our money so we could go food shopping. We didn't budget our money well last month so ran out a week early...not the most enjoyable thing haha.. don't worry we survived a few days but I guess you learn the hard way. We taught a really good English class, probably one of my favourites.  I laughed a lot and we corrected them on their English and went through sentences and things, I just love that group of people in the beginner class. 

On Thursday we had a lesson with a new person we contacted through the referral system.  It was a good first meeting in which she showed a lot of interest in the księga mormona and had already read a lot about the church.  We didn't have lunch at Bozena's as we had the elders from Szczecin down on an exchange so they went with the other elders.  Thursday night is something I will always remember as I was given the opportunity to confirm someone a member of the church and give to them the gift of the holy ghost, not something I thought I'd be doing this early in my mission. We had the AP's stay at our flat the night before the Zone conference the next day. 

Friday morning we got up early and the 4 of us went and played footy for a bit at this little 5 a side pitch by our apartment, a good way to start the day. The zone conference was a good do..as always..you learn a lot from the leaders in the mission and from President Edgren. We had a good testimony meeting too which was a highlight for me.  Takes me back to the kind of spirit I would feel on our youth conventions. 

On Saturday we went bowling with Markus and his girlfriend.  I  won with 139 points, there was no way I wasn't going to win.  The weather is incredibly nice, it's been hot all week and I have huge tan lines.  The one on my wrist from my watch is funny.  

We had 14 people at church on Sunday which was good to see.  We had a special broadcast so there was no sacrament meeting.  

In other news President on Friday told me that he would like me to be the next branch president of Poznań as Elder Jeffs will be leaving at the end of this transfer, so this Sunday just gone Elder Jeffs was released and I  was appointed and sustained as branch president..call it an early transfer call. So from now on you can call me President 😉 

Until next week...do widzenia.

The Boss Man chair..what am I scheming?


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