Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Polish history, plenty of photos and transfers to Poznan.

We went to the castle on Friday for our culture night/day activity which you get one of each transfer. It took about an hour and 30 mins by bus and then a 30-40 min walk from the bus stop. It was in the middle of the countryside just outside a little village.


The walk to Zamek Krzyżtopór

view of the countryside

'assassins creed'

One of the many long corridors.

Elder Weiler and I.

Creepy corridors, without the flash it was pitch black.

We squeezed ourselves into a tiny room, haha!

We hit the dungeons!  We were about to leave but then found another trail to take, pretty glad we found it because the dungeons were huge and the best bit of the palace.

The tunnel that led to the dungeons and caves.

So Poznań...so far so good. It's a much bigger city but I like big cities so that’s not a problem. it’s strange not knowing my way around though, I could get around Kielce and know pretty much where everything is. It might take a while to get to know the place.   The apartment is also nice, its much bigger, has a separate room for studying. Decent size kitchen and bedroom. The bathroom and toilet are separate which is handy. Yeah just a really solid flat in a nice part of town. We're pretty central, live about a 5 min walk to the chapel and the rynek and old town isn’t too far away.
My new companion is Elder Jeffs. He has 2 transfers left and so is a veteran in the mission.  We had time to eat and settle yesterday before having institute as there are a few YSA members in the ward. It's taught by a returned missionary and she's pretty cool.   There are 4 elders in Poznań. I met them both at the train station yesterday. Elder Vance and Elder Leichty. We have a good teaching pool. we have FHE tonight and then a meeting afterwards with an investigator and then we have a further 3 meetings tomorrow. The branch is a decent size, nothing huge. They have about 10 active members but they don’t all come each week. Church is held about 5 mins from our apartment in a building opposite the police station. It's a really nice building and its nice inside too. I'm right in the centre. Not far from the old town. 

So back in Kielce Elder Taylor is serving with Elder Larson who was up here in Poznań and then Elder Alvarez is with Elder Weiler.
Some things about last week:-

Favourite day last week was going to Krzyżtopór, so many castles and places to visit in Kielce. We all had a laugh together and it was nice to spend it with Elder Garrison as it was his last ever culture day.
Worst day last week, maybe Saturday, transfer day. It was the strangest feeling knowing my fate for the next ten weeks was in president’s hands. I felt sick all day haha. We were at a sushi bar in the mall with the Daltons and Michał, a less active member, and we were finding out everything about transfers but still waiting for our news. Crazy day.
Favourite food of the week...probably the food at the sushi place. I didn’t have any sushi but they have amazing Chinese food. 
Best word. In a lesson I learnt the difference between 'to destroy' and 'to restore', which is really important when going through the restoration. 
To Restore - przywrócić
To knock over/destroy – Przewrócić
With regards to learning the language I would say I’ve not made much progression, but I’ve come to terms that I’m in Poland and that people will speak Polish to me. I understand more as I look back on the week but not by day. If that makes sense 
Favourite scripture - I’m reading in 3 Nephi at the minute. Chapter 11 where the Saviour comes down is a powerful chapter. 
Something that was funny - Mat, one of the investigators, decided to have a surprise for Elder Garrison. So Friday we had a 'lesson' planned with mat, but he bought him a cake and we had a little party. On the way he slammed his brakes on the car and the cake splatted everywhere so when he opened the box it wasn't really a cake. 
Conversation - Raffael the referral we teach wanted us to go and visit his mum in Starachowice. She made us a 3 course meal and we had a good chat/lesson about the restoration with her. Another one. We had to explain to a man we play football with why we couldn't join for a swim in the hotel he owns, that was a good one. 

I’m sure I’ll have a good week. it's going to be fun getting to know this city and the branch here. We have a tonne of meetings set up and fun activities so I’ll let you know about them next week.  The weather has been pretty nice, not too cold, it’s not been raining. Sunday especially was such a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky and the sun was shining.  It made me excited for spring and summer!

Good-bye Kielce!

Last foggy Sunday in Kielce.

Pic with Prez. I'll miss this man.
Kielce in the mid south to Poznan mid west about 220 miles travelling.

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