Monday, 8 February 2016

Sooooo good to play football!

So we had a good day today. We went to Świętokrzyskie, a place not far outside of Kielce.  It's the name of the whole mountain range but there's a monastery at the top of the hill.  Mat and his wife drove us there, it’s a huge old Catholic Monastery where they claim to have some of the cross from the Saviour's crucifixion.   Inside the Monastery the chapel was pretty big and I think is still in use. Above the picture there's some writing which translates to 'we worship the holy three'.

Elder Taylor

Apparently the pieces of the cross are inside the box

View from the top of the Monastery


Best bit of the week? Playing Futsal! We got invited to go and play with a lad and his team. They saw me and Elder Taylor kicking the ball about whilst contacting and approached us, we spoke for a good 30 mins. He invited us to play on his team that he runs in a tournament but we can’t do that, so we attended a training session on Thursday night. We played for about 2 hours and then spoke to them about the church and missions afterwards in the changing rooms.   It was soooooo good to play football again. We met a bunch of lads too, hopefully we can go tomorrow night and invite them to our open house. I scored around 20 goals and they all thought I was like Messi haha. We had a chat with them all afterwards in the changing room explaining who we are and things, Probably the best experience I’ve had yet.
Worst bit of the week? Fast Sunday crept up on us!
Favourite shop that I’ve been in? Not a shop but we ate out at a few good restaurants this week.   A good place just off the Sienkiewicza where they make Pierogi.
Favourite food of the week? Thursday was Fat’s a tradition for Polish people to eat as many pączki as they can, of course we joined in.
Best word that I’ve learnt? Jaki and Niż, I’m yet to use them in a sentence but they're really useful. They mean 'as'. For example...'as missionaries we,' but there's some rules for when you use them which makes them tricky to use. 
A thing that I’ve learnt? I've learnt that the post office is right by our house. We took a 20-minute bus ride to the post office and it took us about 100 yards away from out flat. I've also learnt that language study in the morning especially from out of the Polish Book of Mormon is incredibly helpful and sets you up for the day.

Another good experience. We let, a friend we teach, use the chapel for a presentation to people about moving to Denmark for studies. A big point he made was that they need English. We sat in on the meeting and then spoke to the class afterwards about our English class. We got 3 new young people coming because of it.

We've also met another guy, he's around 25 and used to study and work in Denmark. We found him whilst English contacting. He's a cool guy, we met with him a couple days ago for lunch and taught him a mint lesson. He's really interested and impressed with us as people. He took a Księga Mormona and we hope to meet with him tomorrow.  

I don’t really know with the language. I would say its improving but not as quickly as I would like. My understanding is still pretty low. But I know it's improving as I was able to order food the other day and understood pretty much everything that was said, which is tough with fast food places because they talk so quickly. I'll just keep working on it. 

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  1. Josef,
    So pleased to see you are settled and doing well on your mission, Poland looks a beautiful place - don't eat too much of the fat food - it goes in easily, but will take a lot longer to get rid of - what do they say " a minutes pleasure on the lips and a lifetime on the hips - keep up the good work - take care - we think you often and wish you well - you put in the effort the lord will bless you with results - the more you trust him - the more he will trust you

    Lots of Love

    The Austins.


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