Monday, 1 February 2016

You can't draw on the streets with chalk!

The week in a nutshell:-
Best bit - The best bit was probably meeting with Rafael, WE ACTUALLY HAD A SIT DOWN LESSON! Rafael was a referral that lives up in Denmark but he visits Poland regularly. He's a sweet guy, knows so much about the church and missionary work as he lives in the same apartment block as a set of Elders. We met with him and just chatted for about 2 hours. Time well spent i think.
Worst bit - Probably going to visit the pączki man and him having none left. I think I’m addicted to those things.
Funniest Moment - We were English contacting on the Sienkiewicza, we had the football out and this drunk guy wanted to play with us, I passed him the ball but he was that drunk he couldn't get it. He fell over so many times trying to kick it. Made my day that did.
I've tried hard this week to think of ways to play football, there are just no facilities to do it around here...unless you attend a college or school. We've got some good contacts though with people we've met this week. Hopefully we can arrange a game with them all.  Most of them I’m hoping will come to English class this week. 

Hardest bit - Having to deal with the wind, my hair isn't made for it. Also just having to change plans all the time because of people cancelling on you.
Best food - Elder Weiler made some amazing Mexican food Saturday morning. It's nice to have someone that can cook something other than eggs and rice. I don't mind making myself rice for 3 meals a day though. 
Best day - This week feels like one huge day merged together, each day had its ups and downs.

Something I’ve learned - You can't draw on the streets with chalk. We advertised our English class by drawing on the Sienkiewicza and the Stra
miejska found us afterwards and had a word with us. Funny experience as we played dumb that we didn't know Polish. (they’re like the street police).
Biggest challenge - Just not having found a solid investigator to teach yet. We're working on it though!
Best word - Prawdopodobnie is how you say 'probably'

End of a long day which is why my hair is terrible.  We went our for a meal with Mat.  I love that guy so much.
46Zł for a steak, bargain!

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