Monday, 11 September 2017

I've been entrusted with the life of a new missionary.

Hey Mum and Dad and anyone else reading.

If you don't already know by now I've been entrusted with the life of a new missionary for my last transfer. I'm serving with Elder Asendrych from Leeds, England, at the trainer/trainee meeting in Warsaw as president was assigning us our new companions..he looked at me and said 'Elder Ashworth will be serving with..of course.Elder Asendrych' I got up and cheered and ran over to him and gave him a big hug, thought I'd lost him too he's that small. He's a good lad though, quiet and confident, and knows why he is here, he has his goals and his expectations.

We were asked to think about things our trainers did good, and also things that they did bad, so we could apply the things they did well into our own training and avoid the bad things. I thought a lot about my first transfer with Elder Taylor and honestly couldn't think of anything I needed more than Elder Taylor to be my trainer.

One funny experience from the week. It was our first morning together. Elder Asendrych gets out of bed and asks me 'what do I do first? shower or exercise or what?', I just said 'whatever you want, the morning is yours'. he went about his morning, at about 7:20 I noticed him start to get dressed, then he brushes his teeth, puts his shoes on and sits at his desk, I walked in and said 'where you off to?' he looked at me, I was still in sweats preparing to exercise, he laughed and said 'nowhere, just force of habit I guess'. 

Scripture from the week, something I found that reminds me of how we should be.

'Albowiem nie wstydzę się ewangelii Chrystusowej, jest ona bowiem mocą Bożą ku zbawieniu każdego, kto wierzy'


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