Monday, 22 February 2016

Locked In Church! - First Week in Poznan.

the Rynek

Another Pday is here! . Jak się masz? mam nadzielę wszystko w domu jest dobrym.
This week has been a complete change to life and work in Kielce. I apologise that I’ve not taken more pictures as I said I would but that will change this week, obiecuje! 

We've had around 8 or 9 sit down lessons this week which is more than I had the whole 7 weeks in Kielce which is mental. We had a few meetings to help people with their English and then about half way through we swap topics and talk about the church with them which they're more than happy to do. There is some huge potential in a few of the people we meet. We had maybe 3 meetings which took that format. 

We went tracting one evening in a really nice bit of the city called Strzeszyn, it's kind of a newly built estate. We returned to a few houses that had told us to come back another time but they didn't want any of it. It was pitch black as this place had no proper streets or street lights, so we found a street that hadn't been touched yet and the first house we knocked on we got invited in. A youngish mother, she listened to us as we spoke with her about the restoration and the book of Mormon. I invited her to read it and her face lit up when she found out we were giving her this book for free. 

We taught two English classes this week. Whatever city you're in, English is always so much fun because you can make a fool of yourself and have a laugh. After the class we hold a religious class where people can stay afterwards to talk about the church, at the moment we're talking about 'Meet the Mormons' as they watched it last week. A couple that have been staying afterwards for a couple of weeks are meeting with us this week, and Elder Jeffs and I are buzzing. We're having lunch at their house and they can't wait for the meeting.

What else have we been up to...We've been at the chapel a lot at night as Elder Jeffs has been preparing things for the branch (as he’s the branch president) and sorting things out. Most of it is done now so hopefully we can get out tracting now up till 9.

We had probably the funniest experience I’ve had yet on my mission which happened yesterday during church. Sacrament meeting was over and done with and an older lady in the ward wanted to leave. Elder Vance told her that she can't leave as we won't be able to do Sunday school. So she says '10 minutes, I’ll stay for 10 mins'. Elder Jeffs then locks the door from the inside with the little bolt safety lock thing. We then realise that we can't open it...we both looked at each other and laughed, rushed everyone in to class and then went at the door trying to open it...but it wouldn't budge. I then jump out of the bathroom window, we're one floor up too, so it was a pretty big drop, to see if I could open it from the outside. We don't even have a key for this lock. We have the tools out and we're taking all the parts of the lock off trying to see what’s wrong with it. We couldn't open the door. The class then finishes...out come the two ladies wanting to leave, they start panicking because they can't get out. hahah I’m laughing writing this. Me and Elder Vance go to both police stations across the road to ask for a ladder but they look at us as though we're stupid and couldn't get their heads around the situation. Finally, we decided that the only way to get them out was through the window. We had a tiny step ladder that didn't quite fit the distance. It was hilarious lifting them out and then getting them down the ladder, I wish I had my camera on me.  We had to get a locksmith to come and break the lock and put a new one on.

Plans for the rest of the day, haircut, lunch with the other elders and then we have meetings tonight. So should be good.  We have zone training tomorrow and a few of the sisters from the mtc will be there which will be good.  We have a fun and busy week which I’m looking forward to.

I'm loving every bit of my mission!

the beautiful Rynek

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