Monday, 7 March 2016

Tracting, tracting and more tracting in Strzeszyn and Świerczewo.

No photos this week but this is Poznan Old Market courtesy of  the Art & Art Magazine.

Well my week has been pretty good. 

After P day last Monday we went tracting. We've done a lot of tracting this week and it's really fun, probably the funniest story of the week is from tracting but we'll get there later. The two places we're tracting are Strzeszyn and Świerczewo, both nice little areas. There are some huge houses in Strzeszyn. We haven't been let in yet inside but we both feel good about the areas and so are just being patient till we find that one person or family. We've had a lot of people tell us they don’t have time and for us to return another day. I think that’s them trying to say no nicely thinking we won't return, but we're missionaries so of course we're going to return. 

Every person in Poland owns a dog, or at least 90%of people do. It makes it fun because I love dogs, but when they won’t shut up barking it makes it hard to hear, I found myself many times last week shouting at the top of my voice from the gate of people’s houses haha. I've never seen as many German Shepherds either, and they are flipping Huge things, they look like bears!  You get the odd little dog with little man syndrome who thinks it's tough, reminds me of Oscar haha. Elder Jeffs says his mission is making him a cat person.

So onto the funny story...It was around 8pm one night and we were tracting in Strzeszyn. Now this place is kind of new, so a lot of it is big new modern houses but there aren't any roads.  We spot a new street that we hadn't tracted and head on over. Now because there are no roads it's not lit at all. So it's pitch black, in the middle of nowhere it looks, and there's a lone house with a huge cage like fence around it, but because it's pitch black the fence was invisible and Elder Jeffs tries to step onto the driveway and is stopped by this 'invisible force', he's like 'what the flip is happening?' and tries again and then notices there's a fence around the house.  The end. If you don't find it funny I understand, maybe it's a 'you had to be there' moment. 

We mixed it up this week whilst tracting and had a mini split within the district. All 4 of us were tracting our areas but Elder Liechty came with me and Elder Jeffs went with Elder Vance. It was a good night, Elder Liechty is in the group above me, so we had a 2nd and 3rd transfer companionship taking the streets of Poznań. It was a good laugh, Elder Liechty is a nice lad. 

On Wednesday we had the chance to teach one of our progressing investigators, Joanna. We extended an invitation for baptism, my first one. She said no, but she is so close. She says she doesn't doubt that it's true, she knows it's true so we just have to be patient and continue to help her. 

We had another week set up full of appointments but a lot of them cancelled. It's tough when you plan lessons and turn up to the chapel and wait, for them to not show up. So we filled the time with contacting and altered between English and Gospel. We had a goal this week for me to make all of the initial first contacts, Elder Jeffs could do nothing until I had stopped them and got them engaged. The hardest part is the initial contact, but then once you get talking you realise it's nothing you should worry about. We gained a few numbers from people so hopefully we'll set up with them. We met a guy called 'Said' from Pakistan, probably one of the nicest guys I’ve contacted with. He works and runs his own restaurant here in Poznań, so for dinner that day Elder Jeffs and I had Indian food, yes he reminded us of how good Indian food is!  We got 10Zł knocked off our bill too!

Saturday was a long day with English class, chapel cleaning, religious class after English, meetings and then more tracting in the evening. There's a guy called Sławek that comes to English class and he's a bro. He's probs in his 30's but his life ambition is to move to Australia. He's moving to Manchester of all places to work and save up money to go so he asks me all sorts of questions. I'll get a picture with him and then if you happen to run into him you'll know.  

English class was mint. We split the advanced group up into two smaller groups and Elder Jeffs and I led a conversation in our groups for the full hour. The students loved it. 

Pretty much most of my week...from what I remember, I don’t have my planner with me.

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