Thursday, 24 December 2015

Wesołych Świąt

Czesc, Jak sie macie?

Good morning and Merry Christmas eve! Hope everyone is doing well. I do get Pday today, no temple as it's closed so we had an extra hour in bed today, we were still up at 6.30 for 5 mins, but we all had an extra hour afterwards haha. 

So we have a special nativity devotional tonight and then we're watching a film of some sort. Should be a good night.

I've not really been up to much this week. Just been getting ready for leaving. All day yesterday we had our In Field Orientation, a full day focused on helping you practice the main points of missionary work such as finding, working with members, baptism interviews and things like that, it was really enjoyable, even though it was from 8 to half 5. 

It's mad to think that it's Christmas day tomorrow, We're having an Apostle come and see us tomorrow, we think it's Pres. Uchdorf because the musical item being performed is being done in German. So looking forward to that also. 

This Pday has been really good. We had a 2 hour Nerf/Marshmallow war this morning back at the res. 

We taught our investigators for the last time this week, the next investigators we'll teach will be real. Kind of scary to think about but I'm ready for it. 

I got most of my packing done today, just got my suits to put away and things, sort all my food out. The most stressful thing is figuring out how to clean our room. 

We've been having less language lessons and more lessons on the Culture and how to say things other than gospel related.

Enjoy the day, I'm enjoying eating all my food..all the elders think the McCoys and hoola hoops are good! They still think american 'chips' are better though.

Anyway have a good day tomorrow. Love you both. I'll let you know about my Christmas Eve and day in more detail when I speak with you.

Love you and Dobrze Noc x

Forever stealing my camera

And again!

The new Polish Elders. (left to right) me, Elder Dooley, Musgrave, Freeman, Fetzer, Birdwell and then on the bottom Elder Kriser.

Last lesson with Siostra Cheney

Said goodbye to my pal Brat Kimball last night. He's been teaching us for about 5 weeks. He's a really sweet guy. He's coming visiting Poland in June so hopefully I'll get to catch up with him. 

We played a game of what are the odds. Isaac will explain what that is if you don't know. Anyway I lost so I have to wear this for the day. These are PJ bottoms that Buckhoff's Grandma sent him.

Sweater saturday at the res. 

They got my camera again!

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