Thursday, 10 December 2015

przepraszam, myślałem że, mogłem pokozać mój Polski

przepraszam, myślałem że, mogłem pokozać mój Polski 

I will use English now haha! I said I thought I'd show you my Polish.
So this week has been another good one. Nothing new really. I'm still loving it here, and I take each day as it comes. We had the Young Womens General President come and speak to us for our Tuesday night devotional, it was a nice change having a woman come and speak to us as opposed to a general authority. She taught us a message of how we need to be loving enough to let heavenly father cut us down, you know the 'currant bush' story by D. Todd. Christofferson.

The Polish is coming on good. For TRC this week, we had it on Wednesday, we taught a native over skype. It was so nerve-racking, and she spoke so quickly so I could barely understand, but it was really enjoyable. Also we had some practice at teaching a less active member, the investigator played by Brat Kimball, our new teacher. The person we skyped was a mid 20's recently baptized member. She lived in the north, I can't remember the place, but she knows Brat Fotu, one of my teachers, which was good. Skype was okay, the sound was bad so I couldn't really hear, and that doesn't help the fact she's speaking a language that I can just about understand when my teacher is talking. Other than that, it was fun. 

Am I ready to go to Poland?  I don’t really know. I would say I can't wait to get there, but teaching the Polish lady over skype yesterday hit me as to how much I will learn when I'm out there. The MTC is just a small piece of what I'll learn and experience. There's a policy at the MTC of SYL (speak your language), and it helps a lot. We read scriptures in Polish as a class each day, but it's hard to follow because of all the cases used and things.
Can't wait for next week, hopefully I'll have more info about flights and if I can call or not. Also I get to go to Salt Lake next week, not to the temple, just to walk around temple square and things, so should be good.    I'm excited for Christmas, it should be really good, we have p day Christmas eve and then Christmas day is a very chill day too! Something else exciting, we should get our flight tomorrow I think! Oh and also, the branch Presidency said we probably can call home on Christmas, so I'll let you know more about that when I know! 

My best bit of the week, probably taking a 40 min shower today haha. The week is all good, lots of good lessons, lots of good opportunities nauczać , uczyliśmy kapłaństwa lekcji again, to jest fun nauczenie the priesthood lesson. 

The sisters are all still great! To jest dobrze być z nimi. Lubię im służyć i są bardzo śmieszne!
It is good to be with them. I like serving them, and they are all very funny!  The new zone leaders are 2 Czech elders, Chadwick and Pickett.

Elder Wilkey from Bournemouth

my new companion Elder Smith from Arizona

when you need to get space from the sisters haha

Elder Sperry and Elder Brown they left for Bulgaria on Tuesday morning
The last of the Bulgarian district to leave, I spent the morning as Elder Halverson's companion just before he hopped on the shuttle to the airport.

Elder Renauld on the left and Elder Seibach left for Bulgaria on Tuesday morning.

Elder Seibach is a big, friendly giant. Love this guy.

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