Thursday, 3 December 2015

Thanksgiving, Christmas Lights & Snow.

I’ve just got finished teaching two lessons at TRC, I always come out of it feeling so happy and confident, the volunteers at TRC are pretty cool, our first teacher Brat Jensen came tonight with his wife so that was good to see him and I got to teach them. 

So this week has been good, a lot of the same really, the only difference was celebrating thanksgiving. we were visited by Elder Oaks in the morning which was cool, we all sat down and were wandering who the apostle was going to be, and then we just saw Elder Oaks right in front of us talking to people. We always get front row seats to the devotionals and didn't even realise he was stood right in front of us. The devotional was good, he had all his family come and they're very musical, one of his daughters Jenny Oakes Baker was there and apparently she's quite a famous violinist. He just spoke about America and God bless America and all that, I wasn’t expecting anything different from a thanksgiving devotional, the music was good though.

I found out this week that I’ll be getting a new companion when the next group come in. There's a new Elder coming in going to Slovenia and he will also be a solo so they want me be to be his companion and to train him in the arts of being a solo, so that's something to look forward to. He'll be joining us in our room, so there'll be six of us!  A big bunch of the zone are flying out on Monday and Tuesday.
Sister Yochim had to go home, the sisters are sad but they've dealt with it well. The Polish is coming on okay, still slow but I enjoy it. I'm okay with teaching on my own too, I’ve got used to it.  I’m honestly doing great. I love mostly every minute I have here, just the classes can drag sometimes, but I love learning new things. I would say the experience of being out here is enough to strengthen your testimony alone, the constant study and learning helps a lot though. I wouldn't say my doctrinal knowledge has increased massively, just I’m more confident to share things than I would be at home, I’m more confident to teach. 

The language is coming good, I know a lot more than I think I do. It's amazing how much leaves your memory though when you get into a teaching situation. I can understand the majority of what the teacher is saying in class, which is a miracle in itself really, to think I knew nothing and could understand nothing before my mission just shows that. You don’t need to worry about me though, I’m loving it here! I feel as ready as I’ve prepared myself to be, I feel as though I need to do more but I’m already tired as it is. I'm excited to get to Poland, it's quite daunting though, I’ll be out in the real world teaching real people, scary thought.

The best bit of the week was probably this morning. We did an endowment session at the temple as a zone which was pretty cool. Other than that probably being spoke to by an apostle. Just the feeling of him being in the room with us was special. 
They turned the Christmas lights on!!

Always getting photos with Marcucci

Room 435

I found Elder Walsh, he's doing great!

I can't remember this Elder's name so I just call him Elder Van Der Van Der Van Der, he lived in Hull for 5 years.
Temple walk in the snow.

Last Temple trip together this morning, some elders are leaving on Monday and Tuesday.

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