Monday, 20 June 2016

Farewell to Elder Campora and Elder Jeffs

As you already know I'll be staying in Poznań and my companion is still Elder Alvarez, we're staying together for another transfer.   We helped Elder Jeffs and Campora this morning and sent them on their way.  It was a good send off, obviously it was hard saying goodbye for a while as I'm good mates with them both.  It's a weird feeling sending them home almost. They will be missed!

I didn't feel well yesterday, so I slept for a few hours through the day after church, probably why I didn't sleep at night.  I got a mosquito bite above my eyebrow and I've had a huge headache since then.  I've taken some tablets though - the bugs seem to like me!

I'm still enjoying life.  I'm learning everyday from the experiences I have and I couldn't be more grateful for that.   Bring on this next transfer - I hit 8 months in 7 days.  Mental!
I want to focus on less active work as we have some good people that could help the branch out a lot.  I know I can do it, not on my own though.  My favourite scripture is in Chapter 26 of Alma verse 12, Ammon is a boss!

Some favourites of the week:-

Favourite meal of the week - Has to be one of the home cooked meals we had.  Elder Alvarez works wonders in the kitchen.   I guess everything with flavour to me tastes good as I stick to my rice and pasta and oatmeal haha. He cooked some beef up and put veg in there with all sorts of spices and sauces, it was good.

Favourite activity of the week - Has to be the grill we had on Saturday, it had been a long day with the audit and English class. It was nice to have a bit of fun with friends and members at the end of the night. We had a huge turnout.

We threw a Branch BBQ/going away party for Jeffs and Campora. So many people came, English students, branch members and friends.

Best teaching moment of the week - I've had a few cool meetings with members this week. Kind of going through them and speaking to them individually so I can get to know them better. 

Funniest thing that happened to me - Funny things happen all the time, nothing sticks out to me though. 

During studies a huge storm hit so of course I went out on the balcony.. ☔
What I will miss about Elder Jeffs and Campora - I'll just miss them both in general, like even now it feels weird not having them around. I'll miss Elder Jeffs' knowledge of Poznań, if you saw Elder Jeffs doing something here in Poznań usually it meant that you could do it haha. Just being able to bro down with Elder Campora will be something I'll miss. Also training them both how to kick a proper football, they were getting good. 

Best word I have learnt - The verb lepszyć sie means to improve yourself, to make yourself better.

Culture Day Hike

So long, farewell for now!


  1. Starszy Campora made it safely home to Maryland. Sending love from the entire Campora family. We love you!

  2. Starszy Campora made it safely home to Maryland. Sending love from the entire Campora family. We love you!


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