Tuesday, 31 May 2016

I'm 7 months in?

I'm 7 months in? that's gone pretty quick. At least the last month has. This transfer ends on the 20th June I think. We've had a few lightning storms yes but it's been really hot and sunny. I have a huge tan line on my neck from my shirt and also on my wrist from where my watch has been.

We went tracting and found a little 'grove of trees'.

This face is known as the 'Elder Ashworth has had enough smile'
We're in a place as far as the tram will take you east. The stop is called Miłostowo, check it out on google maps, it's a really nice little area. There’s a street called Bozeny that you can search for (the only one I remember).

Looking at the end of this road is like the end of my mission.....miles away!

On Wednesday, we met a couple from Essex who were visiting Poznań for a few days. We helped them with luggage and told them how to get to the airport. It was funny seeing Elder Alvarez struggling to understand them.

I'll share a little miracle too; in my eyes it was a little miracle. So we've been meeting with a guy named Kuba for a while and he's a bro. such a sweet guy but we've not managed to meet with him for a few weeks or had much contact. We went on a tracting adventure on Friday in this place and didn't have much success even though we felt good about the place. We left thinking how come nothing came of that 2-hour block. It was on the tram ride home that we bumped into Kuba and managed to set up a meeting with him. It was a huge slap in the face ha-ha - Heavenly Father saying be patient and you'll see the blessings. 

Also on Friday when we had sports, someone from English class turned up with her dog and it turned from sports Friday to 'missionaries play with the dog Friday'. It was so nice just to play with a dog, it made me want to be around Oscar again so badly. The dog would slowly run up to you and then just topple over and want you to pet her.  It was a white Labrador; she was an older dog.

Church was good. It was a fast and testimony Sunday as we have some kind of broadcast next Sunday. The new mission president comes in sometime in early July. He may have a big conference or he may just visit cities individually or have zone conferences. I don’t really know. 

We're not getting up to much today just might go back to the flat and have a tidy up.

Playing badminton at the branch BBQ


More of the beauty of Poznan.

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  1. What a great report, Starszy Ashworth! I have learned more from your report about Poznan than I have learned from our Starszy Campora, haha. You have a really great attitude and that's all what is about. Wishing you all the best. Sister Olga Campora


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