Tuesday, 28 June 2016

My week.......

My week...

It's been a decent week here with all sorts of little miracles and laughs. Elder Alvarez always sees the positives to a situation which helps when things don't go well or as to plan.  I can't really remember the small details of the week but we had a good few moments.

On Monday night we decided to go contacting on the deptak in the centre of town. We had a decent hour there and met some cool people. We met one guy named Amadeus..'like Mozart'he kept telling us. He stopped and spoke with us for a while and was just amazed of the work we do and the fact that we can speak Polish. We spent a lot of the day moving our belongings to the other apartment across town, it was so much effort but we battled through and got it done.

Tuesday we did food shopping. I love getting new food in the house. I managed to pick up some tuna fish that was on offer. 

For the next few days we had little tasks we had to do that took up parts of the day, nothing really exciting. We went to find a referral that we had been assigned. We contacted him several times but he never picked up. The goal was to knock on his door, but we didn't really plan and got lost trying to find it..those things happen though. 

We went on a few tracting adventures through the week. One of the times we decided to go when Poland were against Switzerland. It turns out that that isn't a good time to knock on the door of a Pole.  The amount of times we got told to bog off was countless haha. We could hear how the game was going, I just guessed they were in a shoot out as there was such a tension in the air that any football fan can sense. When they won the game the whole neighbourhood we were in went crazy. It was so cool. 

That night we went contacting in town and there were so many people out, crazy football fans and all that. We're definitely coming to Poznan in the summer when the world cup is on! 

Sunday night after a bomb day at church..it was bomb as everything went well, talks, lessons, those that were there are doing well and it was just a good day. We fasted that day as a companionship to see a miracle or something good to happen and we didn't get let down. As we were out in a nice Osiedle we knocked on the door of a group of college aged Indian lads that welcomed us in and we had a really good chat with them about loads of things. They were of the Hindu faith, but were happy to listen to our message. We agreed to help them learn Polish, they were so grateful that we knocked on their door, they were homies.

I've been studying and reading through the book of Mosiah these past few days, there's a lot of good things we can learn from King Benjamin and Alma. 

Also I came across this  that said something like..Every attempt to reflect upon the atonement will kindle the fires of faith, it is an inescapable consequence of so doing,

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