Monday, 13 June 2016

The Book of Mormon - a book with a promise, a book with a purpose.

Hello everyone and welcome to week 30 something.  I've not been counting so I'm not sure where I'm at.

We've had a pretty good week, some nice weather, exchanges and all sorts.

So after Pday on Monday we started our exchange here in Poznań, although Elder Campora got things mixed up. We sorted it though and got on with it. So me and Elder Campora spent a few days together and Elder Jeffs and Alvarez spent a few days together. Monday night we didn't get up to much, just a bit of contacting on the Deptak and then a walk on the Rynek before heading home. Something I've started to do is always walk around the rynek before heading home, we live so close and it's cool to see what things are going on as its always something different. Then Tuesday came, we had our standard District Meeting in the morning before lunch, focusing on the book of Mormon and using it with our teaching and contacting. I read a talk by Elder Craig C. Christensen called 'A book with a promise'. He talks about an experience he had with sharing the book of Mormon with someone. He touched on a few points:

1) It is a book with a promise
2) It is a book with a purpose
3) It is a book that helps us better understand the great plan of happiness
4) It is a book that testifies of Jesus Christ as our Saviour and Redeemer
5) A book that authenticates the prophetic mission of Joseph Smith

I particularly like the point he makes about The Book of Mormon being a book with a purpose. The Book of Mormon is there to help us better understand the principles of the gospel, which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That is the same purpose we have as help other come unto Christ, we are here to help others understand and accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

After the District Meeting, we went to Kraszkebab as usual which is always a good experience. We had a short finding activity on Fredry before heading back to the chapel with Elder Campora for a lesson we had scheduled. It was a simple lesson in which we just listened and spoke about what she's read in 3 Nephi. It was good having an experienced Elder Campora on the lesson, we got to the bottom of this individual's fears and helped with them.

After lunch on Wednesday, we ended the exchange and I was reunited with Elder Alvarez. We decided to go on a tracting adventure down at Junikowo, another end of the line tram stop south-west of Poznań. We've been there and back a few times this week, it's a nice part of town with some good solid osiedle there. We had a fun English class with the beginners in which we just spoke with them again about their weeks and had a laugh. I keep forgetting to take a picture of me with the class but I'll get it next time!

So Friday I was feeling a little different, I wanted a change. I did my hair differently and went back to my just off centre parting which some of you may know well. Also,  I realised whilst looking in the mirror how bad my tan lines are, especially on my neck from my shirt collar. It looks silly when I wear a t-shirt now haha. We played sports which was good. Just another hour of kicking a football about which I enjoy so much. We had a few people show up too which makes it more worthwhile. 

Saturday we had English class and then had Pizza from Ramini's, some of the best pizza I've ever had. England also played Saturday night.  It's been so hard not to watch it.  When you're walking around town and every bar and restaurant has the game on, driving me crazy! 

Sunday was a fun day.  The first Sunday I would preside at and lead. It went well,  I only forgot to have an opening prayer (it happened, just later than it should have and I had to be reminded haha) and put bread out for the sacrament but it's all good. Elder Alvarez, Jeffs, and I spoke during the meeting. We spoke about the Godhead and each chose a member of the Godhead to speak about. I chose to speak about the Holy Ghost. We had a lesson after church which was cool, just with a young guy with strong opinions and his own outlook on life.

Sunday evening, Marta organised for us to have a BBQ with a few people. So the 4 of us missionaries with Marta, Maciej, one of Marta's friends and a few more went down to the river for this grill. We get there and it turns out that the river is a place for college gatherings. There were so many groups of hoolies and college students just out for the night. One guy got arrested and we spoke with them all, they came over and were confused why we were wearing white shirts and name tags. It was an experience. Poland were playing their first game too, so everywhere was a bit wild. 

That's all from the week. I'm sure more went on though. 

the rynek is packed at the moment

the wind blew over the drying rack and I lost some of my socks!

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