Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Transfers and a visit to Toruń

It's your boy, Elder Ashworth with another edition of 'things that happened'.

Let’s start with the news of the new transfer. Saturday was the day of calls as usual and it was probably worse than the last transfer, just so many nerves flying around. President called around 3pm... you probably all know by now but I'm staying in Poznań for another 8 weeks and I'm serving with Starszy Freeman. The English lads are taking over Poznań. President asked me to take over as District Leader too, so I have a bit more responsibility this transfer. It's going to be fun though. 3rd and 2nd transfer elders together, bring it on!

I enjoyed the 4 weeks or so weeks with Elder Liechty though, he's a good lad. I'm happy that he gets to return home to Szczecin.

So last Monday was the trip to Toruń. Hopefully I’ll be able to send some pictures but the computer is being a bit temperamental. The place is beautiful and I would recommend it to anyone who takes a trip to Poland.

Toruń from a distance.

The Gingerbread museum in Toruń

I forgot my planner, so I'm really struggling to remember what happened earlier this week.

Tuesday we had another normal day. We had our last district meeting which was good. We spoke about questions and how they play a big part in teaching. We ended the night with FHE. Probably the funniest thing of my mission happened after FHE. Two of the members stayed and were having a music jam session in another room. One of the members was playing his own composition on the keyboard as Iza, Elder Liechty and myself danced. I got a video of it all and I can't wait to share it with you all.

I'll skip to Friday. So on Friday at lunch time we met a couple from English class at park Cytadela. They showed us around the park and told us stories from when they were younger and what they got up to at the park. The park was a fort during the war and so has all sorts of cool things dotted around the park. We learnt some Polish and they learnt some English. We also had our sport activity at 17.00. A few members turned up which was good. On the park there were around 200 college students playing sport and relaxing. I found a group of lads playing football and joined in with them, I could be a bit physical too which I enjoyed.

We got calls on Saturday as I previously mentioned. That night Elder Liechty and I decided to turn our beds into bunk beds. It was a huge waste of time as we didn't have all the parts but it was fun haha.

Sunday was a good day. We had a small turnout to church but it was a nice service. I taught the Sunday school class. We read and talked about chapter 7 from the teachings of Howard. W. Hunter book. It was hard as I don't have much vocab on the importance of continuous prophetic revelation, but hey ho.

Monday was a loooooooooooooong day. We were up and out by 7 to be at the train station for Elder Vance's train, which he made just as the whistle was blown. Elder Liechty then left at 8. We had to collect Elder Cotou about 10 mins later, who is staying with me till Thursday. We helped sister Dekker with her train transfer at Poznań. Before that we collected Elder Jeffs’ new companion and then at around 2 we had to wait for Elder Freeman to get in before helping sister Dekker back on to her train. So much happened within the day. We spent a good couple of hours at the station. We managed to do it though.

Elder Jeffs 'do something wierd'..Elder Liechty does this

Also last night we had 2 hours contacting in town. We got a meeting set up for Wednesday, we gave out 2 books and got 2 numbers. Pretty successful night. Elder Freeman had his first taste of missionary work in Poznań too which was good.

We've had some bizarre weather too.

The End...

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