Monday, 11 April 2016

Things that happened in Poznań this week.

Hello one and all, welcome to the first instalment of 'things that happened in Poznań this week'.

I call it 'things that happened' because sometimes as missionaries we look back on the day and write down all the 'miracles' that happened through the day. It just ended up us writing things that weren't really miracles, so I changed the miracles section in my planner to the 'things that happened' section. Creative, I know.

It's finally getting warmer here which means tracting without coats.
We look like proper missionaries now.

I don't even know.....

After Emailing on Monday we went to Park Cytadela and played frisbee or disk or ultimate, whatever you want to call it. Then topped the night off with a bit of tracting in an area I've never been to. We didn't have any success but we spoke to an old-ish man for a while. We chatted about all sorts, after talking for a while he realised we're not Polish and brings it up by saying 'you speak kind of crappy, you're not from here are you?' I just said assumed he was complimenting our Polish and didn't realise till afterwards he just straight up said we were bad haha. They’re to the point are the Polish.

This is the Grand Old Library.

Took this this morning of 'most teatrainy'. The busy tram stop where we do a lot of English contacting.

more of the city

Through the week we re-watched all the sessions of conference in English. So Tuesday for district meeting we put one on and had a relaxing morning before hitting the city and doing some contacting. On the chalk talk we drew another puzzle on the floor to get people's attention. It involved numbers and a pyramid but no maths was involved. It was fun, hard to link to the gospel, but we had a laugh with it. Elder Liechty and I managed to place 2 books and get 2 numbers, which is a good use of time on my eyes. We should be setting up with at least one of them this week, the other guy was interesting as he had no belief in any God, by the end of it we managed to get him to agree that there is a God and he took a book. The night ended slowly with a poor turnout for FHE, and then some English contacting. Tuesday was our best day numbers wise.

We got to the chapel early on Wednesday to watch another session of conference. I think we watched the priesthood session. After that we went for a classic KraszKebab lunch, 15ZŁ for what missionaries say is the best kebab place in Poland. We had another decent contacting session after lunch with the other two elders. We had a lesson with one of our investigators before English. English was ridiculous. We did an overview of the 9 tenses we've done with them over the past couple weeks. It was stressful but we managed to get through it. We also had 5 new people in the beginner class who had no idea what was going on haha. Then you get the regulars who just argue with each other, it's a good mix. 

Thursday we got up and did all the normal business, eating, washing, eating, studying, eating and probs some more eating. The weather has been kind of crappy so we watched another session of conference and combined it with lunch. After that, you guessed it, we went contacting. We didn't have our usual Bożena meal again, so we went to the chapel to go over our lesson plan for a man named David, who referred himself. He seemed pretty set for the meeting but then didn't show as he had work. Spoiler alert...we eventually met with him on Saturday and he came to church on Sunday!! We met one of the sickest guys whilst out contacting around tea time. A man called Maciej, he was so open to talk and was asking us all sorts of questions. He couldn't remember his number so we had to give him ours but we had no pen...So I went and asked a lady in my best Polish if I could borrow a pen, she ended up letting me keep the pen which was nice of her. Maciej thought i was 'brave' and slightly weird that I’d just go up to a random person and ask them for a pen. I’ll tell you something, it's a lot easier asking for a pen than it is to go up to someone and talk about The Restoration haha.

mmmm pizza

Friday we had out weekly pizza planning session. This time we just settled for 2 pizzas. The highlight of the day was going to Iza's house and teaching her a lesson on the church and Joseph Smith. She's a member but sometimes forgets things. Also we had to walk her 93 year old mum around the front room. I didn't know she could move. We were in another room and I heard moving, next minute she's standing with her walking frame, it freaked me out big time. Friday night tracting turned into a miss when we got on the wrong tram, we decided to hit some blocks close we could see which is where we took the cool sunset pictures.

This view is from the top of a tower block that we tracted.  We had a beautiful sunset
and had a good view of the Lech Poznan Stadium.

The stadium is huge.

Saturday is just your standard advanced English class day. We did tongue twisters with them and it was flipping hilarious, we also asked for some Polish tongue twisters so they could have a laugh at us too. We managed to meet with the referral David after arranging a new time. We taught him a good first and invited him to church. He's excited about all the new doctrine and teachings we're showing him which is nice to see. He's incredibly difficult to understand though which makes teaching him real fun!

David came to church!! He stayed for all 3 hours too which was mint! It worked out well to as Elder Liechty and I ended up having to teach Sunday school. With only 2 mins of prep we taught the plan of salvation which happens to be the second lesson and David was there to listen. We tried contacting after church but everywhere around the city there were these post Easter Catholic festival things going on. People singing about Christ and dancing. I wish I had my camera on me, it was definitely interesting. It made talking to people about our church tough though as everywhere was highly populated with Catholics. We finished the evening with the last session of conference. We watched the Saturday Afternoon session. Elder Bednar’s talk was quality.

Till the next instalment of 'things that happened', seeya!  

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