Monday, 18 April 2016

Elder Liechty and I joined the marathon for a few seconds.......

So another week is down. We're into the last week of this transfer and I really can wait for Saturday, transfer call day last transfer killed me. 

So it'll have to be a quick one this week as we're off to Toruń today. It's going to be a good trip, plus the weather is beautiful today!

Monday - Just the usual Pday stuff last week. There was a fantasy/gaming event going on at the world trade centre in Poznań, bunch of people around all dressed up in costumes. I noticed a group of people dressed as wizards from harry potter so i did what anybody else would do, I ran up to them and started shouting spells and doing wand actions at them. They were so confused as to what was going on. That's how I amuse myself these days. Also had some fish and chips that didn't look or taste anything like fish and chips. 

Tuesday - Had the usual district meeting. Tuesday was a slow day, didn't really get up to much exciting. Just contacting and things. It's been a tough week for contacting, there just hasn't seemed to be anyone around to talk to or that wants to talk. We managed to get a few numbers through the week though which is good. FHE after dinner with just the four elders and Iza. We played an intense game of Uno. All rules go out the window when playing with Iza haha.

Wednesday - We had a pretty good lesson with our investigator Dawid. We taught him about baptism and how it's essential and the first step to the goal of eternal life. We read through 2 Nephi 31 with him and talked about it. He's slowly progressing. To finish off the night we had a boss English class with the beginners and then had an even better religious class. We had them translate from Polish to English a few short stories, we split them up into teams to make it more of a competition as to who could translate and write better English. We spoke about the God head for religious class. Who they each are and their roles etc...

Thursday - We spent most of this day cleaning the mess that was our apartment. We had the best news all week in that we could move into the new one a day early. We had so much to do and it took us a good 5 hours to get everything ready and strip the place. We took a break in-between and went to Bożena's for Lunch, probs the best Bożena lunch I've had yet. Just chicken and Potatoes but it was gone in about 30 seconds. 

Friday - Time to move house. We went to the new apartment to collect the keys around midday. We also had the first of our sport Fridays which we're starting to get up and running. We had a few people turn up which was good. We played frisbee in the park and then I brought a footy as well. I just enjoyed smacking it up in the air as hard and as high as I could. Great stress reliever and it just felt good as I've not been able to that for a good 6 months. After sport with help from Markus (member) we moved all of our belongings to the new flat. It took a lot of effort and a few trips but we made it. The new place is incredible. 

Saturday - Not a lot happened. We had a poor turnout to English class. Probably because we had nice weather. Not a lot happened this day but we had a few funny moments. We took a random 2 hours tracting and bumped into an old guy who shouted at us for a good 30 mins as we tried to tell him why we have prophets. We spoke to a guy who just poked his head out of the window, literally just his face, nothing else, for a good 10 mins as we tried to convince him to listen to us. We got locked in an old ladies front garden haha and then got invited into a party, which was tempting, but we decided not to in the end. 

Sunday - Probably the best day of the week. We left the house for church. We had a meeting at 10.15. We noticed as we stepped out of the building that there was a marathon going on. We had no idea this was happening and all the roads were blocked. We were cut off from the side of the city that we needed to get to. We stood and watched for a bit and tried to figure out how we were going to get to the chapel without trams or buses. We had to walk, which was pants as it was raining and it was a good few miles away. So to get into the bit of the city we needed to be in, Elder Liechty and I joined the marathon for a few seconds haha, it was flipping hilarious. We arrived at church and your standard Sunday as a missionary happened. 

That is my week. Sorry it's short but that's all I have time for. 

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