Monday, 4 April 2016

So we're going to be on the radio....

Bonjour, oh wait wrong language, dzień dobry was! I'm still incredibly funny if you were wondering. This week has been a week full of sunshine, mouldy apartments and park contacting!

Tuesday 29th (My Birthday) - So I already sent a picture home but for those who didn't know I turned 20! I appreciate all the birthday emails I received and it doesn't mean I don't like you if I didn't reply. It was a decent birthday; the fact it was Pday made it a little better. It rained really hard all day which ruined our plans of hiring bikes and cycling around the city so we decided to do an escape room, the 4 missionaries, Marta and her friend. This one was so cool, we started blindfolded and locked in 2 two separate prison cells. The story and theme of the room was your standard zombie apocalypse and you're the last alive and a scientist had come up with a cure but died and so you had to figure out all the clues, find the antidote and then escape. I don't know why this sort of thing hasn't hit the UK yet, they're so fun. After that we got ice cream, I had a huge thing of oreo and snickers ice cream. The only thing I bought myself that day were two pads of squared paper, ooooh interesting I know. I prefer the way my writing looks on squared paper, don't really know why I’m telling you this ha-ha. Also that day during email time I forgot to email president, things happened and I ran out of time. He let me off nicely though, so president if you're reading this, cheers, again. We had FHE and then finished the night with some English contacting.

Wednesday - In the build up to konferencji generalne our focus whilst doing finding activities was the prophet and why we have prophets. After lunch we did a chalk talk, which involves chalk and drawing something on the ground that we can use to get people to stop and talk, hence the name 'chalk talk'. usually we write scriptures, but this time we drew two stick figures, a yellow stick man and a blue stick man and they both were saying 'Jestem prorokiem'. We had the question above 'kim jest prorok?' and we asked people who they thought was the true prophet. After their guess we went on to explain that the Blue stick man may have been a prophet, but unlike the yellow stick man he didn't have the proper authority of God. It was a fun little activity. Through the chalk talk I was kind of distracted as there were so many nice cars driving around, you know me and my cars. Saw the nicest Ferarri F12 and I was buzzing and nobody understood why. There was also a really loud RS5 cruising around. Enough of that though. Before English class we taught one of our investigators the tree of life and what everything represents. We got creative and drew it out using our artistic skills. Then came the English class. We taught the Future Perfective tense (whatever that means) to our beginner class. I've learnt through teaching English class that my English grammar is terrible ha-ha. The religious class went well though, we showed those who stayed a talk from conference by Thomas. S. Monson. They seemed to enjoy it. Finished the evening with English contacting and ended up sharing Ether 12:4 with a homeless man.

Thursday - it was a nice day so we decided to go contacting in the park behind our house. The park used to be an old fortress during war times, and there are still remains that you can see, the park is huge! Just before dinner, Tea time for all those who refer to dinner as lunch, we went to Iza's house. Iza is a member in the ward and she invites us over once a week so we can sing to her 93 year old mum who she looks after. I've been round a few times but it was Elder Liechty's first time and boy was he in for a treat! It's one of the more bizarre experiences I have. Her mum is deaf so when you speak you have to grab her hand, she's in a bed so you have to kind of lean over and then scream down her ear ha-ha. In the night we went tracting by the Lech Poznań stadium, made me miss football a lot as I’ve not had the chance to play it this transfer.

Friday - Crazy start to the day, I found out that I was being mid transfer transferred to serve as Zone Leader in Warsaw..........April Fools.

MY BIRTHDAY PACKAGE FINALLY ARRIVED, after many phone calls with the shipping company and all sorts of bad words (joking mum). After going mental that my package had arrived We went contacting in the park again and had one of the best contacting experiences of my mission. We were walking around and having no luck for a while and then I spotted a guy sat alone on a bench looking over the park, so I kind of snuck up on him and started a conversation about the weather of all things. Not long until we were talking about the gospel and missionary work with him. We spent 40 minutes with this man, nowhere does time go quicker than when you're in a good contact with someone. We finished with bearing testimony, before handing him a book, he thanked us and then we left. The spirit was present, nothing has come of it yet, but it was an experience I hope to never forget. Later on in the day Elder Jeffs and I had a pre radio show interview with someone from Poznań International Radio. So yeah we're going to be on the radio, it's all in English as the radio station interview English speaking people from across the world that live in Poznań. The segment will be about us as Members of the Church and certain views and beliefs we have. I'm not sure when, probably in the next two weeks, you'll be able to find a recording of it online. Should be fun :)

Saturday - We had another beautiful day in Poznań! Contacting in the morning down at Fredry (the Uni/busy tram stop area) and did another chalk talk. Maybe this happened on Friday, I can't remember but we put a puzzle on the floor. 9 squares in a 3 by 3 lay out and they had to pass through all 9 squares with just 4 lines. I probably didn't describe it that well. It worked really well and had all sorts of people trying it out and stopping and talking. We had another English class but without advanced lot this time, we had 3 show up which was good as we could make it more personal. We played the 'desert island' or shipwreck scenario game where you're on a ship that is sinking and you had to select 5 things out of 18 that would help you survive. It worked well and we had a laugh with them. At 6pm we watched the Saturday morning session of conference.

Sunday - We spent all day at the chapel because of conference weekend and we watched 3 sessions throughout the day. At 11 we had the Priesthood session shown, and had a short food break before waiting for more members to arrive before showing the Saturday afternoon session. We had a 2 hour break for lunch/dinner and talking before showing the Sunday Morning session at 6pm. It was a good day, all the sessions are shown with Polish dubbing over the top. I might not have understood everything but I could get the general jist of what was being said. We're showing the sessions in English through the week on different days so I’m looking forward to that.

Today being Monday, we got haircuts this morning. I look pretty good, Liechty's is alright I guess ha-ha. We're planning on going round the mall for a bit before heading to the park to play some Ultimate or some frisbee or whatever you want to call it.

I hope you all enjoy this week’s info, I spent nearly 90 minutes typing it all up. Till we meet again, do widzenia

In Park Cytadela I thought I could sit in the hole under the tree but it's actually an old staircase that goes underground.  It's blocked off but is still pretty deep.

We bought 3 pizzas and had a weekly planning party.

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