Monday, 26 June 2017

Remember that you are all missionaries and disciples of Christ and should be actively engaged in the hastening of this work.

The week...
We've been lucky this week in that we've had 4 lunch/dinner appointments. One with Alex, our mate from Indonesia, one of the most solid members in Poland and wants to go on a mission. He's a good example of what every young 20-year-old lad should aspire to be doing. He spent some time with us on Friday and we went to this cool little pizza place by the chapel. 18ZŁ for a huge pizza and the guy that served us was impressed that 3 foreigners were speaking Polish. We set up a meeting with a recent convert, she didn't want to meet at the chapel or in the park or at her place so she chose KFC instead, I wasn't complaining. On Saturday we had some goooooood food made by Lucas, another solid member in the Branch, Alex helped prepare a few dishes too making some Indonesian style food. He lives in a nice apartment overlooking the Wisła and it's so nice chilling on the balcony having a good chat with everyone. The other reason I love going over to Lucas' house is for the Massage chair, sometimes you get a bit tense out here. Next, we had a potluck dinner get together thing at the Stroble's house. Brother Stroble served here on his mission a decent while ago and is here with his wife and their two almost 1-year-old boys who happen to be twins. It was good company and a good evening spent with friends of the branch.

On Wednesday we went to print out some more English fliers, 100 pages of them with 10 on each which means another 1000, the lady at the Xero was overworked so we had to cut them out with scissors ourselves at the chapel, absolute nightmare, we had one good pair of scissors and another tiny pair of yellow ones for little kids, I took those ones and by the end of it my fingers were wrecked..but now we have an extra 1000 fliers to hand out, even if they are all terribly cut out.

On Friday we were riding the tram to the chapel for a meeting, we didn't know the weather report and so weren't informed that today a huge storm would hit at the exact moment we stepped off the tram. It started off light and Hadfield had his umbrella so we were at least safe from the water, all though we started lobbing it down, not joking when I say that the roads turned into a river within minutes, it was crazy! The wind was so strong too that the rain was coming sideways and there was nothing the little umbrella could do. We were soaked! I couldn't even save the hair. That night I sang to elder Hadfield whilst playing the guitar we have in our apartment, I sang to him about the day and about how he was tired, he's always tired, it's his catch phrase.

On Saturday we turned up at the park for sports and there was a huge street ball tournament going on. Loud music, loads of guys playing ball, it was good to watch and at one point we were considering filling in for a team that was missing, we would have got destroyed but would have made a good mission story.

We've been meeting with a lad this week who referred himself to meet with us and he is honestly one of the most sincere and honest people I've met, just so open to listening and sharing what he learns. he's been to church twice and each time he's made notes and really involves himself. I hope we are what he's looking for and will be able to help in whatever spiritual guidance he is searching for.

Remember that you are all missionaries and disciples of Christ and should be actively engaged in the hastening of this work.

Have a good week and do some good

we got lunch with Alex at this solid Pizza place. 

Bought this huge bread croissant thing for 2ZŁ, so cheap!

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