Monday, 19 June 2017

A baptism in Poznan and a baptism in Krakow.

Another week has flown by. Actually, it's been 2 weeks since I last emailed. Our trip down to the mountains last week was quality. The scenery down in that part of Poland is unreal, I mean I don't think I have to tell you that, the pictures explain it pretty well. The weather was perfect and being with good company made it all the better. It's been sweet having the opportunity to meet the families and parents of a few of the sisters from the good old MTC group. Mental to think that all happened over 18 months ago. I'm grateful for the friendship I have with each of them!

So just a few things that happened through the week.

I found out that there was a baptism in Poznań at the weekend. I was so happy because that place needs some solid new members, my happiness was made even greater when I found out that it was a lad called Dominik. Elder Alvarez and I knocked on his door over a year ago after praying for an area to go tract in. His house was the first house we knocked on and he let us in. He came to everything, sports at the park, English class and church on Sunday. When I left Poznań I always wondered what would happen with him and him meeting the missionaries. Well, this past Saturday another one of our brothers entered into a covenant with God through baptism. A wonderful example of how sometimes it takes time for some before they are properly prepared. We too in Krakow had a baptism. The other Elders continued the teaching and friendship of a lady that many missionaries for the past 7 years have been adding to. 7 YEARS! She was finally baptised.

I gave a talk last Sunday in church. We had a huge group of BYU students show up to church so we ended up with about 75 people at church, it was mental.

Ended up drinking fruit tea at this old man's house last night after walking him home. He forgot how to get home or where he lived so we helped him find it. He was a nice guy. I was laughing all night at just how bizarre the whole thing was.

We spent a decent amount of time with the Demordaunts and Nathan Garrison and his fam this week. Wednesday we joined them as they walked around the old town exploring. We took our dinner hour and went up to Wawel Castle with them which was fun.

Hope you have a good week. do some good!

Sister Barney

Barney family

Garrison family


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