Tuesday, 18 April 2017


Hello! Happy Easter! 

It's been a pretty solid week here. Also this time of year is always a special time as it's time given to us to reflect upon the life, infinite atonement and resurrection of the Saviour. Being in a Catholic country it's been nice to see the respect and love shown by all those who have taken part in some form of worship this past week, and the Poles worship and celebrate for about a month after too, at least I remember a lot went down in Poznań last Easter. 

We were determined to get to a Catholic Mass over the weekend. That opportunity came on Friday when we were invited to go with a lad and the other Elders. It was long..lasted about 2.5 hours but it was nice. The first bit of the ceremony was focused on the different parts of the crucifixion of Christ, the steps leading up to it, but then it stopped at the cross, nothing mentioned about his resurrection or anything. Then we finished by going to see Christ's grave, a different section of the church. Lots of praying, lots of singing, lots of getting up and sitting down, reminds me of something one of our friends said when he came to our church a few weeks back..he said..'you all just sit here the whole time? we're all fitter than you because we do a lot more moving in our services'. It was nice to be there though, nice to be involved in something the Polish people hold close to their hearts.

Our Easter Sunday service was only for an hour, which was a change. Part of that service was taken up by another incredible missionary musical number, we knew we sounded terrible for the most part but sometimes we sounded like MOTAB, the members all enjoyed it anyway which is what we wanted. After that we were invited around with what seemed like the whole Branch to a members home, all the missionaries and a bunch of YSA and other members were there, full house! The food was quality and the family put on an easter egg hunt for the youngsters plus the Missionaries. The house was a wreck by the end of it but it was worth it to find all the chocolate! 

In front of the huge Catholic Temple. This is right by our house. We went inside to check it out, it's massive! 

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