Monday, 10 April 2017

A Good Week in Warsaw

Serving in Warsaw this week has been good, now that it's warming up and we have more and more friends each week,  it makes activities we do and Pdays even better. 

Tuesday we had our University English class which turned out better than the turn out, ahh see what I did there..? We had one lad show up to our advanced class, our mate Paul, but then I got drafted to teach the Beginner class with Alvarez and Musgrave. The students wanted a proper English accent as they had no idea what Alvarez and Musgrave were saying half the time haha. We did the Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich challenge, took me back about a year to when Myself and Alvarez did this for an English class in Poznań. In a nut shell, I pretend to be a robot and do anything the class tells me to do, they have to guide me in making a sandwich, sometimes it gets really wild and the jam goes everywhere, this time it wasn't too bad, I did end up putting my hand in the jam jar though which was pretty gross haha, the reaction of the class was hilarious! It ended with me having to feed the sandwich to Alvarez.

Other things that happened:- I printed some 900 fliers for an open house we had at our chapel on Saturday. It looked like we were advertising for a pool party by the look of the flier, I went for that look on purpose as I thought people might then show up. On the streets we were inviting people to our 'Mormon party', we got all 900 out in about an hour, with the help of all the missionaries who were down for MLC of course. Got to spend some time with Elder Liechty too which is always a pleasure. 

Been at the Legal offices this week two times, twice more than needed, we got everything done though and we got to hang out with Elders Wójcik and Mandla for the day. Mandla is the lad from Australia, so we connect on the basis that we're not American, it would be funny serving with him and our slang would come out more and nobody would be able to understand us haha. 

The open house on Saturday wasn't as successful as we would have hoped, most of it came down to the lack of preparation and planning that we put in, but we just didn't have much support and it wasn't announced in church so nobody really knew about it. We managed to get a few people inside but not enough. 

We're having another one 20th May, so get the word out! Ul. Wolska 142, 20th May, open house! 

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