Monday, 9 May 2016

I Love This Place!

Things that happened this week...

Tuesday - I lead my first district meeting on the transfer. I thought about what I wanted to talk about and prayed and all that..the answer was to teach about motivation, diligence, perseverance etc....I started by sharing a couple of scriptures that get me hyped and ready to work and then we just spoke about things and I asked questions and I showed a talk called 'perseverance' by James E. Faust which is a good talk. Then we set goal for how were going to improve ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. We were also graced with the presence of Tanner and Joseph. Tanner being Elder Jeffs' cousin and his friend Joseph who were visiting Germany as he had served there on his mission. Something else interesting was the opportunity I had to give Marcin his baptismal interview. Just a rare experience to have as a 20 year old lad serving a mission and conducting the interview in a 2nd language. FHE was good also as we had a good turnout, around 10 people showed up.

Wednesday - We went round to Iza's house after studies and sang with her and to her mum for a while before teaching her. I thought about reading the introduction of the book of Mormon with her and talking about it. It was a good little meeting. Before English class we went out English contacting, seeing if we could get new people to come to the class..we were told that something had happened with the trams and so we had to get off the one we were on, we walked down to Fredry to see the no.8 tram had come completely off the tracks..mental..and it caused the biggest pile up of trams, maybe 20 in a row. For English class we taught direction and getting around town as we have a blind lady in the class who asked us kindly if we would go through some vocab. We created a maze out of the chairs and furniture in the chapel and had them direct each other through the maze blindfolded, all in English of was mint! 

Thursday - We went and did service again at the's a good opportunity for us to help out around the city and get to know knew people but my fingers are hurting from picking weeds 3 weeks in a row for 3 hours straight, I pulled out the mother of all weeds though, the root was as long as my arm. I may have slightly over exaggerated but it was a huge thing. We had an interesting Bożena meal in which she presented us with a new soup of was pink..and then in the evening we had a meeting with Monika..the half English half gospel kind of meeting.  I went through the Plan Zbawienia with her. 

Friday - Morning in the Park with Krzysztof and Irena learning Polish and teaching English. I look forward to Friday lunch time every week as I get to chill with them and have a laugh. Sport also happened, Elder Jeffs and Campora came this week which was good..we had our Branch mission leader, Markus, there too and we played football and frisbee until we got tired, which didn't take too long as it was roasting. I picked up a pretty good tan that day, just my face though haha. That evening we had a lesson with a lady named Alicja, it was funny as it was the end of a long day, straight after sport, I was tired and sweaty and we were teaching English and yeah..I laughed a lot. 

Saturday - Saturday we didn't get up to whole lot as Elder Freeman got sick through the night. We taught the advanced class and by taught I mean I gave them a list of long words they had to spell and it was fun to see them try and do it. We have a good bunch of people who come to the advanced class sometimes and I get on with them all and it's fun. We went home as Elder Freeman couldn't work so he slept and I worked out, I  studied and then prepared my Sunday School lesson. It was a beautiful day too so I put a chair out on the balcony and sat out in the sun for a bit. 

Sunday - We started church at 10 this week, an hour earlier than usual, we're experimenting in the branch. We had a good service in which both Elder Jeffs and Campora gave talks. I then taught Sunday School on 'praying to our Heavenly Father' and it went pretty well. I used a lot of scriptures to answer all the why, what, when, who, how questions. We went home so Elder Freeman could rest and I cleaned up and made food and caught up on studies. Then came the skype call home. I loved every minute of it and it was nice to see everyone's faces and hear their voices. 

Something extra that happened through the week. We were waiting for a tram and there was a crazy guy doing kung fu chops and kicks on whatever he saw as a target haha. He would do the splits and then stand up really quickly and poke the eyes out of all the big metal poles around. Flipping hilarious. Many Lampposts and fences felt the wrath of him that day. 

You see all sorts of nonsense in Poznań, I love this place.

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