Monday, 18 January 2016

Service with a Smile

We took a trip out to Chęciny for Pday this morning, a town 20 mins out of the city. There's a pretty sweet castle there! 

Stood at the top of one of the castles' towers.  The view was good but would have been better on a clear day.

Ready to share the Gospel!

Don't know what this was for but they let me get inside ha ha!

This week has been good, still not at full speed yet but hopefully that will be changing. We had around 12 at church yesterday, and all 3 elders gave talks. Yes I had to give a talk in my 3rd sacrament meeting, I can see myself doing it a lot here. The members here are good, we have a couple of solid members that come each week and a few that try and come when they can.  
Church goes for 2 hours. Sacrament meeting and then a Sunday school class which alternates between gospel principles and teachings of the president. We get up and leave for church around 9, set up and welcome people. Then after church we have a few meetings with Pres, go home for lunch and study. Then leave around 6 and go tracting.

Prezydent Najburg. What a legend.  Genuine good man.

It warmed up a bit but then got really cold these past couple of days. Not cold enough to wear a hat but definitely gloves and a couple of layers. The language is slow, but it’s a work in progress. It’s more recognising the grammar I think at the moment and why words are written the way they are. I'm trying to expand my vocab daily though, not really happening at the moment but I’m doing my best. We've not really done as much contacting and tracting as I would like to but the hours in the day seem to go by so fast. 

We ate out at this Pierogi place with Pres. and Sister Edgren

We had a good laugh about this window display.

We were out contacting the other night though and we came out of this tower block and there were 3 guys stood outside on the path, they had masks on and were dressed in black. I thought what the flip are they doing, next minute one of them shouts 'come and worship satan', in Polish of course. Elder Taylor says 'Jesteśmy Misjonarzami Jezusa Chrystusa' and said to me that's nothing out of the ordinary for Poland. Haha crazy! 

We did some service for a lady in the branch this week, that was pretty funny. We carried a huge couch down 14 lots of stairs down this tower block, it was so tough, took us a good hour and a half.

Best bit of the week was probably placing two Book of Mormon's in a day. Fav food was the bacon fried Pierogi when we ate out with pres and sis Edgren.  Funniest moment, maybe the satan worshippers, goes under funniest and creepiest.  Hardest bit, just the general rejection from people. Used to it though.  I  need to make better use of my language study time. We're trying a new tracting area this week which should be good. 

So pączki is like a Polish donut and this old man makes and sells them in his basement.

Some more news. This Thursday I will be in Warsaw all day as I have to go and pick up my Residence card. I get to travel by myself and spend the day with the office elders. Also me and Taylor are doing an exchange over in Kraków next Monday till Wednesday. 
So 3 cities in the space of a week!

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