Monday, 11 January 2016

Cześć! - Kielce, Poland

Emailing from the library

Cześć! So another week has passed already, crazy how quick that has gone.
I know I said I’d make it an exciting week but it's been tough.  The zone conference was good, it was a nice time to get out and travel to a new city, a much bigger city too. The Zone training was over in Katowice,. so around a 2 hour train ride. We got there and we had a breakfast made, we met the Katowice missionaries, and then more and more as they arrived from across the zone. I got to see Sister Kamp which was a nice surprise, nice to see a familiar face. The rest of the zone seem pretty decent too, it's a shame that we hardly ever meet, maybe once a transfer I think. Which doesn't help you in getting to know the other missionaries. 

On the train to Katowice

The weather hasn't been too bad, it got a bit warmer but then it snowed. I've not had to wear hat and gloves but I still wear my big coat.   It's put a smile on the faces of many members and missionaries knowing about the new mission president, looking forward to it. It will help a lot with the branch presidents and just basic communication that doesn't get done at the moment because of the language barrier. 
So we taught Mat a good lesson on Faith, but he rang us the other night and asked to meet. So we went and met him and basically he read the scripture that we asked him to (Alma 32) and told us that he has no intention on getting baptised, he apologised and said that he didn't want to waste our time. Kind of a bummer but he still comes to church and we teach him because he still wants to be taught, 

Elder Taylor and I went Football contacting the other day. On the Sinkiewicza there's an open bit of the street that is like a flat bridge over a little river. We put up a white board, we were getting people to come to our English class, it said 'bezpłatny Kurs angielskiego' and then underneath 'show us your skills', no one could do any skills, I megged a couple of people haha, and we just had fun for 2 hours whilst doing some finding. 

Dinner and fun with the Daltons

The Daltons took us out to eat

The Daltons are a senior couple for the Katowice district. They have callings in the Kielce branch so come down every two weeks. They're nice and good company, plus we make use of the car when they're down, saves us from walking.

Bring on this next week. Also I’m going on an exchange possibly in two weeks to Krakow for a few days, should be a good trip.  I'm doing good, high spirits, I still can't understand anything or anybody, but I’m loving it! So I'll speak to you next week, tell everyone I love them!

Where we have Church meetings

Trainee tie

The Rynek in Kielce, it looked really pretty that day.  Each city has its own town square.


  1. Good to see that Elder Ashworth is enjoying is Mission keep up the good work :)

  2. I am so jealous you get to be in Poland! My great-grandfather immigrated to the US from there and we have only names of his parents. I would give anything to have the knowledge of the language and access to the records! Please promise, if you meet anyone with the last names Wysoczarski/Wysoczarska/Wysoczarsky you will pray and work your hardest to baptize them : ).

    ...and let them know their cousin in America says "hi!" : )

    Please don't get discouraged...the people of Poland need you...


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