Thursday, 12 November 2015

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

"I can't believe how quickly this week has gone! It's been a good week, the language is going ok,  I'm struggling a bit with the teaching side, my confidence and testimony have grown so much it's so annoying not being able to show that when I'm teaching in Polish, the things I want to say I just can't. 

Funny Story: I bought some mints from the store and then walking back to the class I wasn't concentrating and walked straight into a huge metal pole, planted my face straight into it HAHA, it hurt so bad but my companions wouldn't stop laughing, it was pretty funny.   Also this week Elder Mcclain had to get his shoes fixed so we got to leave campus, we got on a bus and went to a shoe store in Provo, so that was pretty cool.  I haven't managed to find Jonah yet but I'm on the look out for him.  

We've got two new teachers which is good and they're both good teachers.  They both served their missions in Poland.  Our teacher left because he'd been there 2 years teaching.  They take turns teaching, one usually does the 4 hour afternoon block, and the other does the 4 hour block before bed.  They act as our investigators too, they take on the character of someone they met and taught in Poland on their missions.  

The MTC is everything and more than I've expected.  Every Tuesday we have a devotional with a guest speaker, no apostles yet, but we've had 2 members of the Seventy - Richard J. Maynes and Hugo Montoya and they've both been amazing talks. As district leader I have to go to all the leadership council meetings, leadership training meetings, I should interview the district weekly, but seeing as they're all sisters the sister training leaders do that, I have to get the mail and plan and run two district meetings a week one on Sunday and then the other after the Tuesday night devotional."

This is Elder Justesen,  He's from Idaho.  He is in the Slovak District but we share a room.  He's my gym partner.

The colours are amazing here.

From our trip to the shoe shop in Provo.  

This is Elder Marcucci.  He's my bro from Florida, he's going to the Czech Republic and we're pretty good pals.

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  1. Fantastic read, its so good to see that Elder Ashworth is enjoying the MTC at Provo . I didn't serve a mission due to the choices i made in my life at the time. By seeing this young man doing what he is called for to serve the Lord and sacrifice his time and family for the service of others inspires me to know that this gospel is true . Thank you searing your experience so far. Andy Tarr


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