Friday, 20 November 2015

The Gift of Tongues is real.

So this week has been a good week.  A lot of Zone volleyball, a lot of teaching and a whole lot of learning! I had a really good experience this week with teaching, I prayed a lot before teaching that the spirit would be present and I have to say that it’s the first time experiencing the gift of tongues. I put aside all my notes and vocab books and just taught this lesson on my purpose as a missionary, it was amazing! Also the TRC was good, the volunteers are so nice and I realised there's nothing to worry about.  TRC means Teaching Resource Centre, you just teach a home teaching lesson to returned missionaries that speak the language you're learning. 

We have a branch that we have sacrament with and Sunday lessons, it’s just our zone but we have a branch presidency, I chat a lot to the Branch President through email and in person about my situation being a solo elder and district leader, I told him about the experience that I had with teaching and he replied with 'Elder Ashworth you are one of the best missionaries I've ever worked with' so that kind of made my week also!  The branch president is President Wiseman, he's super cool and so fun! you just get to email him weekly as you would email the mission president in your mission, just with more freedom as you can email whenever you like.

President Wiseman

Also this Sunday, I taught the priesthood lesson on recognizing the spirit, and in sacrament meeting me and 5 other elders sang a musical item haha!   Honestly I love singing here with the elders, we sing all the time, back at the res in the showers, walking between classes, we sing everywhere! I knew we were singing in front of the zone, they loved it, we were harmonising and it sounded so good!  We had another member of the Seventy come on Sunday, Kim. B. Clarke, he gave a really good talk. So next Thursday for Thanksgiving we definitely have a devotional with an apostle which will be good.

I can pray and say a basic testimony (in Polish), we're learning more grammar at the minute so all the conjugations of verbs and all the cases that effect the sentences and things, it’s quite confusing.

The weather is dropping really cold, its snowed too, so the mountains look beautiful! 

Elder Nebesniy's scarf has done some travelling!

It gets more and more beautiful each day!

Elder Buchoff and Naegli

Sweater Saturday

Burgundy Day

P-Day chills -  Elder Justesen and Mcclain

I try to get to the gym at least once a week, other than that for gym we play zone volleyball which is so fun.

(When asked how he would rate his MTC experience he answered) I would honestly say an easy 8, I love it here but I don’t feel as though my mission has started, I think it will hit me once I land in Poland. It’s become my comfort zone now, even only 3.5 weeks in. I still really enjoy it here though.


  1. Another fantastic read ��I did recognise the well traveled scarf.

  2. He is very ready to serve, thats apparent in his writing and I am happy that he loves his mission. I will drop a package off to him when I am in Salt Lake.


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