Wednesday, 23 August 2017

If we are obedient WE CANNOT FAIL.

Hey how's it going? Hope you've all a solid week. 

I've been thinking about what I can write about this week. Obviously, there's the day to day activities but sometimes I feel as though they can be a bit boring. 

This week we've had a few finding activities, we called them our interactive finding activities. we took a whiteboard down into town, stood in the busiest area and invited people to come up and write on the board. Now you see, we wrote a question on the board, something to lead them into deep thought and reflection, something to open them up a little. It's interesting to see how much a simple question like 'what are you grateful for?' helps us understand what sort of person that individual is, enabling us to know how to go about the contact. Some of the answers we got were the classic and most important ones like God, family, water, oxygen, and others were a little more outside the box. 

On Wednesday we had our conference with Elder and Sister Sabin. Elder Sabin is a member of the Quorum of the Seventy and also served on the Europe Area Presidency. He visited us a while back when Elder Anderson was here, but this time he came along with his wife to instruct us. The journey itself was looooooonnnngggg. The night before we had a 90-minute bus ride to a neighboring city and spent the night there with Elders Huffman and Sommerfeldt. We got into Katowice around 5pm and we did a little splits which meant I got to work with Elder Huffman for a few hours, something I've been missing since our days in Lublin. We had a lesson fall through and so we took that as a sign that we were meant to be on the streets finding people. Before we left we prayed at the door and set a goal of getting two numbers. We hugged it out and then began talking to everyone! We achieved our goal of two phone numbers and met some really solid people, it's all about your mindset and drive, if you have a positive mindset it will lead to an 'anything is possible' way of working, which is never a bad thing. 

To get to the conference which was being held in Wrocław, we had to get up at 2 AM!! our train was at 5 am and we had to walk about an hour across town to get to the train station on time, public transport doesn't run that early. I remember waking up from my 3-hour nap on a yoga mat thinking, it's not worth it! I was shattered haha, and I wasn't the only one.

After the 4 or so hours of teaching, testimony and counsel I can say that the early morning get up was 100% worth it. If he wasn't telling a story from his life then he was quoting from the scriptures, a very capable and learned servant of God.

He taught us of 8 Celestial steps which not only will help lead us to the Celestial Kingdom of God, but 8 steps that will help us live and have a Celestial Life. Here are the first 3 of those steps...


True doctrine understood helps us come to an understanding that we are Children of a loving Heavenly, which is our true identity. The Plan of Salvation is true doctrine that shows us our path and enables us to see our potential. Our potential is Celestial glory!

2 more things that Elder Sabin mentioned..

It doesn't matter how deep the water gets! as long as the boat doesn't get a hole in it, it won't sink. which leads perfectly on to the next quote

If we are obedient WE CANNOT FAIL

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