Monday, 17 July 2017

Let's be mighty in word, in deed, and in faith!

Mum! Just let everyone know that I'm alive and well and that we've had a solid week! 

We've had a good few days. So on Saturday we had Elder Erickson and Hansen come up from Mielec for a few days, church and pday so we've had them at our place. Saturday we played footy in the park for 3 hours against all sorts of people, Mexicans, Polish, I have the biggest blister and I'm sure I've broken my foot but it's all good. We just had our 4 elders and had a lad come and play on our team so we had 5. I was going 100% so nobody could stop me. Then today Kielce came up, so Alvarez was here for the day. We went to this mirror labyrinth, got some milkshakes, went up to Wawel castle again, its' been a good day.

Scripture from the week Helaman 10:4-5. Let's be mighty in word, in deed, and in faith! 

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