Monday, 2 January 2017

Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku z Warszawy

So I had to give a talk yesterday in church, just to introduce myself and all that. My topic was 'Feed my Sheep'.  Church was mental, Warsaw 2 is the biggest branch in Poland, with about 80 members, half of them made up of American families. There were kids running about which was weird, and it lasted all 3 hours which was also kind of strange. I've not had 3 hours of church since my last Sunday back in England.  The Branch President is American, but everything is translated that is done in English.  The priesthood class was done in Russian, which was then translated into English, which was then translated into Polish.  There are 6 missionaries in the branch.  Me, Einfeldt, Haskett, Barlow, Sisters Beem and DeMordaunt.  We have a number of recent converts that we work with, and 1 or 2 investigators. 

It takes around 10 mins by car to get to church, so not too far. It's nice being in a car, it was nice to ride bikes around Lublin but having a car is so cool. I drove the meriva for a few days last week.  I don't have to take tests or anything so I'm good to go whenever.  It felt so good to drive the meriva has a sweet turbo.  We get new cars in Feb of this year so I'll be driving them. 

On New Years Eve we had Elder Haskett and Elder Barlow come to our place and we chilled. We were allowed to stay up till 12. It's a nice apartment, I'll get pics for next week.  

It snowed a bit this morning but it wasn't much.  Sorry for the no long email again.

Just know that I'm well and healthy and loving it here in Warsaw.  
Warsaw 2 Missionaries

Ice skating with the squad

Last Sunday in Lublin


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