Monday, 26 September 2016

I can feel Winter coming!

So just a few things that happened this week - 

On Tuesday we had a bomb district meeting as always, and then we hit the town for some contacting. It was going well until the rain started to fall. We had to pack the table and books away but we carried on going and talking with people. After a countless number of rejections I turned and shouted something, can't remember what exactly.  Elder Huffman said, 'chill..the next person you speak to will take a book, I promise you.'  Him saying that kind of got me hyped, the next person came by. It was a young guy wearing all camo, pretty hard to notice him at first, but we chatted and he was a chill guy interested in religion, especially other faiths different to his own. He willingly took a Book of Mormon and said he can't wait to read it.  The miracle of the day I guess. 
Tuesday was also the arrival of Elders Schwanke and Baldwin.  We picked them up from the dworzec that evening. Elder Schwanke served in Lublin for 8 months so he was buzzing to be back! We had a good day planned with them.
I had Elders Schwanke and Baldwin round for exchanges, had to get a pic before they got on the train back to Warsaw

Wednesday we had service at Beata's house again. Just carrying more trees from the woods to her back garden, building things and knocking things down, nice just to have a bit of physical labour other than walking and talking you know. We get fed some good grub too.  Good classical Polish food. Home-grown and cooked cauliflower soup for starters and then some Pyzy z mięsem for main. We all stayed over at the other Elders place Wednesday night. Which meant a night on the floor for me, I made sure I brought my huge pillow with me this time. 

We've been doing district tracting on nights recently.  Thursday night we tracted, also Sunday night. Sometimes you need that extra push to get out and work.  It always helps when you have the district members out with you to give you that extra energy. 

English class was on Saturday.  We didn't have as many there this time, but still a good 10 or so came.  We still managed to have fun. We went and played sport afterwards.  Elder Huffman and I played head tennis over a volleyball net for about 30 mins before heading out,  as nobody was there. It was good fun though, it took us a while to find our touch, but once it came there was no stopping us. 
Sunday was a solid day. It was fast Sunday as General Conference is next week.  For General Conference we'll watch it at our chapel through broadcast like you do back home.  It'll be translated into Polish though which will be fun as I'll be able to understand what's going on this time, back in April I had no idea. 
The darkness comes earlier now, it's much much colder and I can feel winter coming. It's bringing back memories of Kielce. I don't mind though, it just means I can wrap up and wear the new coat I bought. 

Took me 5 weeks to notice this hanging up in the wardrobe, it may come in handy during Winter!

sunset view from the chapel

We went tracting last night to finish off the week. We missed the bus we wanted to take, so we took another bus and went to the end of the line. We found this really nice neighbourhood with huge houses and wasn't street lit though and was kind of out there, it was so dark! 

there are houses and a road behind me somewhere! 

John 16:33 is what I'll leave you with.
Do widzenia! Życzę miłego tygodnia! 

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