Wednesday, 27 July 2016


The week!!

So Monday night was made good as at 'most teatralny' we saw an SLS Mercedes, it was loud and then he set off and bombed it and I love cars so....

I got a message from Marcin saying that he's back in town which is good news. He's the recently baptised member from a few months back. Good to have him back. We did some English contacting on Monday night as our English class has been low these past few weeks..maybe because it's summer break. We checked out the park but there weren't very many people there, it was a perfect day to be in the park too. There was a lad on the deptak playing his cello with a loop machine and he sounded mint - not every day you see someone with a cello on the street. Poznań has a bunch of good street performers.

We helped out Kasia on Wednesday morning at her new place. I love going round to hers to serve and also because she has 'Krowa' her huge dog that we're bros with. We had classic Polish milk bar food for lunch before doing some contacting. We had a sweet English class that we had to teach alone as Elders Bebel and Somerfeldt were in Warsaw. We had both the advanced and beginner classes together and just had some fun by playing games and making fools of ourselves haha, something I enjoy doing when it comes to English, being funny and loud and energetic helps them be more comfortable in class. We taught the plan of salvation in a lesson that day too which was good. When people tell us it makes sense, of course it makes sense, it's Heavenly Father's Plan of happiness. We had an intense religious class after English and we were so tired and were being asked all sorts of questions.  Our Polish was tested but we both got through it. It helped that we had a member there with us in the discussion. That day was so tiring so as soon as I got in, planned, I hit the sack. 

Thursday was your usual service day, we headed over to the hospice nice and early.   We cut some apples for the patients there which they were grateful for, we do the most random stuff there and then we headed to the supermarket to do some shopping for the patients and buy things they put on their shopping list, which is surprisingly harder when it's in Polish. We then had a few hours before we met Marcin at the chapel and had a chat with him for a while, had a catch up and saw how he was doing. We hit the streets afterwards and he joined which was good. 

Friday we had a good service opportunity given to us by the hospice. We went to a house where there lives a lady who within the last year has become very ill, so we hung out with her for a bit before carrying her downstairs in her wheelchair and took her on a walk to the park. Her carer was there with her daughter and the dog came too. We had ice cream and spent an hour chatting and sitting in the sun.  She was thankful for us being there and spending time with her. Hopefully,  it won't be the last time we get to do that. Also that night we had a sports night at the park where we played football and basketball. I popped the football whilst kicking it at a fence but then the miracle of the day for me was that I found a euro football in the bushes that had been left there.  GET's now sitting in the chapel waiting to be kicked around. 

Saturday we had another sports activity at park Cytadela this time. There was a huge cultural event of the park where we played sport. Spanish, American and Canadians were all there and it was a pretty cool looking event. We started playing frisbee at first but then I whipped the football out, next minute about 9 Spanish lads came over and asked if they could play, of course we said yes and we had a big game of footy on the park.  Of course, they beat us - I had 2 Americans and a Canadian on my team.  I showed them how to play the English way though and scored a few goals. They were good lads I just wish the people here were that enthusiastic about playing football and as open. We spent the evening out with Maciej, he's a member here who's not too much older than us.  We went out to dinner and had sushi which was super good. 

Me and my Spanish footy pals.

This is Krowa, the Airedale Terrier

Then came church, just your standard Sabbath day here. We had 13 at church though which was good to see. It makes the day better when the members come. I gave a talk which went ok and then Elder Bebel gave a good talk too about patience.

I got a really cool message from Malgosia this morning, our investigator.  We had a meeting with her last night and talked about prophets and then extended her a baptismal date which she wanted to talk further about on Wednesday but we asked her to pray about prophets and baptism and she said this morning she was riding her bike and saw a sign that said 'TRUST PROPHETS' and so she took that as her answer - ha ha!

We had a good week here and a lot of good has happened - it's tiring of course, but as I say - you've just gotta do it.

Elder Ashworth 


  1. Jakie to jest mile!! Ashworth najlepszy prezydent gminy!!!

  2. A great report! Keep up the great work. Camporas love you and pray for you!


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